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Measure What Matters Using The B Impact Assessment


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Our goal at B Corp is to build a larger community of members. Use this pp as an introduction. Contact me if you want more information. chaz - 415-378-1065

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Measure What Matters Using The B Impact Assessment

  1. 1. Measure What Matters Using the B Impact Assessment,a free tool to assess, compare, and improve your company’s impact.
  2. 2. New Tool: B Impact Assessment1 We have started to measure what matters most: Our company’s impact on: Workers Community Environment
  3. 3. B Impact Assessment2 Go to: Adopted by 7,000+ businesses, world-wide. A public good developed by B Lab, a non-profit.
  4. 4. B Impact Assessment3 A comprehensive set of 120+ questions & metrics about the company’s impact. About 90min to complete
  5. 5. Easy to Use4 Plenty of tools to help you complete. Skip or Revisit Questions you don’t have answers for. Help Text & Definitions to make it easy to complete. Use Best Practice Guides Okay to estimate answers. to learn more.
  6. 6. Your B Impact Report 5 Once complete, you will receive a baseline score:Report is confidential Areas of Excellence! Areas of Improvement?
  7. 7. Compare Your Score6 Compare against 2,500+ business that have completed the Assessment. Compare Your Score! Company Outperforms the Indicies
  8. 8. Improve Your Score7 Use the Best Practice Guides and Customized Reports to improve your score! Customized Improvement Reports Library of Best Practice Guides
  9. 9. Why Do This? 1 2 Benchmark performance Engage employees 3 Free