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Work in progress on the Open Source BIMserver


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Introduction of open source BIMserver during Stockholm workshop June 2012.

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Work in progress on the Open Source BIMserver

  1. 1. BIMserver.orgWork in progress....Léon van Berlo M.Sc.
  2. 2. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgWe are not software vendors….
  3. 3. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org Our mission is to help all actors in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to collaborate more efficiently and effectively (and thereby creating better buildings for lower costs). Our goal is to create the favorite software solution for collaboration in the AEC-industry. Our values are the core principles that define everything we do: Innovation Reliable Responsibility Commercial
  4. 4. Léon van Berlo
  5. 5. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgWhatBIMserver is…. Open and stable core to use and build on top Open interface, lots of networkprotocols (rest, soap, PB, json) Pluginframework Extensions / notification ObjectIDMs Database interfaces Client libraries Highlyflexibleconfiguration Open source etc…
  6. 6. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgHow that looks in a schema(examplefor export – serialisation)ServiceInterface(4 protocols) Object EMF Serializer Database IDM core ruleset Merge Renderer Boolean algorithm (satellite?) Configurable per user/project/server
  7. 7. Léon van Berlo
  8. 8. Léon van Berlo
  9. 9. Léon van Berlo
  10. 10. Léon van Berlo
  11. 11. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgExamplePlugins / Extensions
  12. 12. Léon van Berlo
  13. 13. Léon van Berlo
  14. 14. Léon van Berlo
  15. 15. Léon van Berlo
  16. 16. Léon van Berlo
  17. 17. Léon van Berlo
  18. 18. Léon van Berlo
  19. 19. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  20. 20. Léon van Berlo
  21. 21. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgWork in progress (right now)
  22. 22. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgMerging&Fusionalgorithm(s)
  23. 23. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgLow level service calls… Onlycommit/communicate changes Add Edit Delete Already in BIMserver 0.1 (“changesets”) Nowstablein ServiceInterface Working on standardisation of protocol with BuildingSMART (BIMsie)
  24. 24. Léon van Berlo
  25. 25. Léon van Berlo
  26. 26. Léon van Berlo
  27. 27. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgPubSub / federation of BIM engineering ART of BIM (Automatic RevisionTransformation of BIM) Satellite server concept Patent pending First production „satellite server‟ is COBie server (USACE) More examples in progress… Clash detection server PNG producer BOM extractor CO2 life cycle calculator Manymany (many!) more….
  28. 28. Léon van Berlo
  29. 29. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgAdditional data (mostly per revision/project) In version 1.2 Resultfromsatellite server concept Extendibleforstandardisation Examples: BCF IDM …
  30. 30. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgOtherwork / ambitions / issues
  31. 31. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgStuff tothinkabout…
  32. 32. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgNational BIMserver pilot ECPPM paper 2012 Conclusions: People love (need) redundancy in their data! There is no óne single repository/model It is notabout the data/model (and some more conclusionsthat are veryinteresting!) Everyone has different ideasabout even most basic issues… BIMserver is an open platform to configure/use “as youlike”
  33. 33. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgOur BIGGEST issues….
  34. 34. Léon van Berlo
  35. 35. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgSome of the smaller issues….
  36. 36. Léon van Berlo
  37. 37. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.orgChallenge to get these small issues growbigger…. (and get more of them)
  38. 38. Léon van Berlo We are not software vendorsand you are welcome to joinus…