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Example BIM Validation service with BIMSie


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Example how the BIMSie API works with Statsbygg validation rules.

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Example BIM Validation service with BIMSie

  1. 1. Online BIMWhat could happen with standardised BIM Webservice APIsLéon van Berlo
  2. 2. Titel van de presentatie
  3. 3. Titel van de presentatie
  4. 4. Titel van de presentatiedataserverClashdetectionserviceValidationcheckerCO2 lifecycle calculation ViewerStaircase automodeller
  5. 5. Example: Statsbygg validation rulesTitel van de presentatie
  6. 6. The setupUserBreda, NLGUItest.bimserver.orgBelgiumIFC Dataserversandbox.bimserver.orgAmsterdam, NLStatsbygg Validatorlogic-labs.nlDelft, NL
  7. 7. Titel van de presentatie
  8. 8. Titel van de presentatie
  9. 9. Titel van de presentatie
  10. 10. Titel van de presentatie
  11. 11. Titel van de presentatie
  12. 12. Titel van de presentatie
  13. 13. Titel van de presentatie
  14. 14. Titel van de presentatie
  15. 15. Titel van de presentatie
  16. 16. Titel van de presentatie
  17. 17. Titel van de presentatie
  18. 18. Titel van de presentatie
  19. 19. Titel van de presentatie
  20. 20. Titel van de presentatie
  21. 21. Titel van de presentatie
  22. 22. What happenend?User: checkin model (IFC)GUI: communicating with serverServer: sending notification to subscribed service about new revisionService: getting model (with token) from server *Service: analysing model *Service: sending JSON report back to server *Server: checking if JSON file is valid and autorised to recieveServer: adding JSON file to ‘extended data’ in revisionGUI: viewing JSON file with special viewer based on schema* = constant interaction between service/server/gui about statusTitel van de presentatie
  23. 23. The big(ger) pictureTitel van de presentatie
  24. 24. The big pictureIFC DataserverStatsbygg ValidatorStatsbyggNorwayDataserverDataserverDataserverDataserverDataserver
  25. 25. The big pictureUserBreda, NLGUItest.bimserver.orgBelgiumIFC Dataserversandbox.bimserver.orgAmsterdam, NLDataserverDataserverDataserverDataserver
  26. 26. The big pictureUserGUIIFC Dataserversandbox.bimserver.orgAmsterdam, NLDataserverDataserverDataserverBIM ServiceBIM ServiceBIM Service UGUI
  27. 27. Remote servicesCan be closed source / ask money for specific features (profiles)Based on publish/subscribe principle (subscription to events)Can be more than one per topic (competition)Is centralized for the owner (only óne tool that is always up-to-date)This:Creates a new market for niche appliationsGets BIM into the webTakes advantage of the fragmented nature of the industry (instead offighting it)Is an open approach instead of getting everything on one platform:crucial is to standardise the API between servicesTitel van de presentatie
  28. 28. Léon van Berlo
  29. 29. EtceteraImagine ‘remote’ services like:ClashdetectionCO2 life cycle calculationSupplier automatorsLoggersValidation checkersBOM extractorPNG renderer….Everything distributedTitel van de presentatie
  30. 30. Currently working on demonstratorUsecase we are working on:Checkin model (bimserver)Staircase supplier sends staircase model (IFC)Floorsupplier(IFC)Innerwall supplier (IFC)Clashdetection (BCF) and issue management*Check on IFC quality (Statsbygg / RGD)CO2 life cycle analyses (PDF)Automated e-mail to project member with status update (service!)Client gets COBie model update for FM in dropbox* = with end-user discussion, so not only automatedTitel van de presentatie
  31. 31. To be continued…Titel van de presentatie