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What’s going on @ your campus vol 26


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What’s going on @ your campus vol 26

  1. 1. May vol. 26
  2. 2. Katie leads workoutat Wellness Eventsponsored byStudentCounselors/SDCLStudent CounselorGreg Ieraci andProfessor Orenbergsweating it outduring Katiesworkout
  3. 3. MemorialDay Display
  4. 4. Bonnie’sDisplay
  5. 5. DVD’s were moved fromback room to front. Wealso created a seating areafor viewing movies and/oran extra table for studying.
  6. 6. In honor of memorial day, theWPK library provided twoviewings of the VeteransHistory Project that includedinterviews from BerkeleyCollege Veterans.Here is the link to the video:
  7. 7. Eugene created this display forfamily wellness month!
  8. 8. Email Amanda every 30th of themonth.