Whats going on at your campus vol. 9


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Whats going on at your campus vol. 9

  1. 1. Photos submitted by Maria Spring Fest
  2. 2. Photos submitted by Maria Suggestion Box Club Convention
  3. 3. Suggestions from our Patrons
  4. 4. Display to get our patrons excited about the Olympics!
  5. 5. Since July is Anti-Boredom Month, everyday we are displaying asuggestion on how ourpatrons can learn how totry something new!
  6. 6. WorldPopulation Day Display
  7. 7. Photos & Captions submittedby MatthewOn July 6th Matthew accompanied a group of associates andstudents on a hike around nearby Cranberry Lake as aconclusion to our Mental Health Awareness activities.
  8. 8. Photos & Captions submittedby MatthewThroughout the month of July were having a New Language NewCulture display to feature our large collection of language-learningmaterials. Books and CDs have been flying off the display.
  9. 9. Photos & Caption submittedby Matthew Weve had an ongoing Better World Books drive and set up several boxes around campus and in the library. Boxes in the hallways are almost overflowing. Our first batch of books will be packed up and shipped off soon.
  10. 10. Captions submitted byMatthew & Jim On June 13th Jim gave a talk on pre-war blues music. It was the first in whats become a Brown Bag "lecture" series. Next week were having one of theassociates do a presentation on sign language and later in the quarter Matthew will be doing a presentation about vegetarianism. . Click on the image towatch the youtube videos Jim played during hisBrown Bag Lecture on Pre- War Blues
  11. 11. Photos submitted by Bonnie Library Media Olympics Display
  12. 12. Photos submitted by Bonnie New Displays