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Whats going on at your campus may vol. 6


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Whats going on at your campus may vol. 6

  1. 1. May Vol. 6What’s Going on @ Your Campus?
  2. 2. Choose Privacy Week @ WPK Photos & Captions Submitted by Amanda
  3. 3. Choose Privacy Week @ WPK • Your Subtopics Go Here
  4. 4. Displays @ WPK Photos & Captions Submitted by Amanda
  5. 5. New ideas from NWK New initiative started at NWK. Susan hope to have a “feel- good” moment every week ! Slide Submitted by Susan
  6. 6. Displays @ Paramus Nat’l Stress Month Money Smart Week Its Tuesday - so the library is full Photos & Captions Submitted by Maria
  7. 7. Displays & Events @ Paramus Cinco De Mayo Dance Competition ness Social Me dia & Busi Photos & Captions Cinco De Mayo Display Submitted by Maria
  8. 8. OFF Campus Events April 28, Darlington Park, Mahwah - Maria with several students and associates marched for healthier babies in the March of Dimes Walk. Photos & Captions Submitted by Maria
  9. 9. Displays @ Woodbridge Health Awareness Month Poetry Month Photos & Captions Submitted by Bonnie
  10. 10. Poetry Reading Event @ MDL Bonnie opened the event with a "Beatles" song celebrating the coming of spring. This song was especially relevant since the event was dedicated to the themes of spring, birth and creation I read a poem by the great ink on l Russian poetess Anna k Achmatova in Russian Clic watch while Bonnie read my to o translation of it vide Joy Browne and Kevin Frey read their selections while 2 students who are poets themselves spontaneously asked for the privilege to recite their own stuff Students actively participated expressing keen and genuine interest in the subject. During the event we Each recited poem was discussed reflected on history, philosophy, literature, by the participants of the event. sociology, politics and much more Joy Browne and Kevin Frey often since all this can be found in a condensed form in led the the poetry we read. I enjoyed the event immensely Video Submitted discussion making illuminating as I am sure did the majority of the participants. by Bonnie comments. CommentsSubmitted by Eugene
  11. 11. Displays @ Westchester We had an audiobook listening station to promote We put up a comedy display the use of our new audiobook featuring an "LOL" sign to collection. generate some interest. Weve kept it as a pretty fixed display to feature comedies new and old. Surprisingly a few older comedies Captionsgone out. Photos & have Submitted by Matthew
  12. 12. Displays @ WestchesterThe changes to our study room are underway:the entire room was repainted; an accent wall has been painted to match the main libraryroom; a new flat screen TV has been mounted on the wall; and inspirational posters have been framed and hung. We plan to have onewall painted with "white board paint" so that students and faculty can brainstorm andwrite directly ontoPhotoswall. We hope to have a the & Captionsnaming contest and let by Matthew Submitted the students suggest names for the new room.
  13. 13. Mental Health Month @ WST Last w eek we Health posted Tip of a " are a f the Day Mental ew of t " (atta he ima c day we posted ges)--e hed to go a o ach long w ne tip and a ith it. bookFor the first week of May we had t h e n a d d e d The tip book d to o s w a brainteaser contest. Two isplay ur new trian ere . gular students solved the puzzle Photos & Captions Submitted by Matthew
  14. 14. Bookmobile @ WST In order to better serve associates, we created a "bookmobile" and wheeled it through the building. We distributed and collected "Getting to Know You" surveys to better build our collection. The bookmobile was very well received with several items checked out (we took a laptop to keep track of checkouts) and quite a few items returned ("Oh, Ive been meaning to Photos & Captions return this but haventSubmitted by Matthew gotten upstairs yet!"). A few students expressed interest also. (Photo