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Whats going on at your campus may 30 vol. 7


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Published in: Education
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Whats going on at your campus may 30 vol. 7

  1. 1. What’s Going on@ Your Campus? May 30 Vol. 7
  2. 2. NYC New elibrary Submitted by Romel Individual study spaces AveryStudying
  3. 3. More elibrary @ NYC Circ DeskEllis Study Room
  4. 4. Paramus Submitted by Maria Cultural Exchange 5.16.12Film club discussing “Hugo” Students photos on display in student center from her trip to Egypt
  5. 5. Paramus Submitted by Maria Fitness MonthArmed Forces Display Display
  6. 6. Woodbridge submitted by Bonnie Katie Maricic along with Student Counselor Alyson Pompeo at our door Eco-Therapy The MDL Library supported event. Dr. Adamos Fashion The MDL library Seminar: Do You Have a provided books and Passion for Fashion?, by resources for the event. providing a display of resources for students, including books, a Stylesight handout, and old issues of Women’s Wear Daily and fashion magazines for students to take home.Attention grabbing sign that Bonnie has in front of hercomputer. Bonnie says it is definitely a conversation starter but can not say if ithas increase the amount of questions she receives.
  7. 7. Woodland Park submitted by AmandaAudio book display We featured a different audio book every day! And used to allow patrons to hear a sample of the feature of the day.
  8. 8. Woodland Park submitted by Amanda Health & Fitness display
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