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User committee update


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Published in: Education, Technology
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User committee update

  1. 1. *The user committee met at the endof Winter 2013 Quarter. The nextfew slides will focus on what theuser committee has been working onand what is yet to come!
  2. 2. * The user committee updated the pre-test by addingimages, updating some answer selections and creating scenario questions.
  3. 3. *We created a sticker that would explain to ENG 105 students how toaccess the library orientation, how to access other resources and get access to the ENG 105 libguide. The ligbuide is in the process ofbeing updated but within the libguide is a tool called thinglink. This thinglink is an interactive version of the sticker we passed out to them. You can check it out here:
  4. 4. * We are going to start looking at the DATA from the ENG 105 Pre-tests. We will be looking at the iclicker tests from the past 12 quarters.This is one step in the 2 step process of following a co-hort and determining what information literacy skills our students are graduating with.
  5. 5. *We have also been charged with contacting vendors to find outhow much it would cost for us to outsource tutorials. A great example of the type of videos we are looking for is Rutgers Riot. To view the video click on the image above.
  6. 6. Create aCreating special tools for : lifelong ESL Students International Learning Transfer Students Tutorial Software suggestions for laptops loaded with software for librarians to create learning objects *