Social reading presentation for libguide


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Social reading presentation for libguide

  1. 1. What is SocialReading?
  2. 2. • You can share ideas or read others ideas Why with out committing to a book clubSocial • You can join a virtual book club without meeting in person.Read? • You can read reviews of books before buying or reading.
  3. 3. College students ( Using it already Who in your Online Course Resource)Is Social Young students. As Ipad programs areReading? becoming popular in schools Anyone!
  4. 4. The Virtual Book Shelf (bare minimum social reading!) Use Facebook or Twitter to share what you are reading!
  5. 5. The Virtual Book Shelf Good Reads is one social reading website that allows you to have a bookshelf of books you read, you are interested in reading and/or currently reading
  6. 6. The Virtual Book Shelf Shelfari is the same concept as Good Reads except the website literally keeps a virtual book shelf for you!
  7. 7. Bookclubs Another part of social reading is participating inonline books clubs.This twitter account is one of the mostpopular book clubs on twitter
  8. 8. BookclubsIf you are looking for a more traditional book club you should try good reads. You can joinpublic books clubs or create private ones.
  9. 9. Bookclubs Is face to face bookclubs important to you but you cant meet in person? Consider setting up a Google+ hangout where you can video chat with your book club.
  10. 10. Unique SocialReadingPlatforms
  11. 11. Booklamp provides readers with the “DNA” of a book and allowsusers to create reading lists. Thesocial aspect of this is platform is you can email the list to your friends and/or share it through social media.
  12. 12. This platform allows you to share books, create groups and share comment right within the text itself. Instead of waiting to the end of the month to share yourthoughts with the books club you can share as you read.
  13. 13. One stop shop ! You canpurchase the book through thisplatform and have social reading experiences. Also puts a “community Value” on books based on members feedback.
  14. 14. Sharing/Reading reviews If book clubs are not for you, you might consider sharing your review of a book or reading others reviews before picking a new book to read. This is also considered social reading. Good Reads & Shelfari allows users to create reviews.
  15. 15. Ereaders & SocialReadingThe kobo app & ereader takes adifferent approach to the socialreading experience. As a readerreads each page they will see a“pulse” and the pulse indicates how much that page is being talked about by other readers.
  16. 16. Ereaders & SocialReading Ereaders are also making social reading easy by providing readers ways to share their reading experience right from the ereader. Kindle’s feature is called Public Notes & Highlights.
  17. 17. Social Reading Apps Similar to the concept of Google Plus in this app you can create reading circles and share what books you are reading with your friends.
  18. 18. SocialReading AppsAllows you to highlight text and uploadsections to your social media account.
  19. 19. “Invades your privacy.” “People don’t care what Is Social you are reading.”-Blogger Reading A Fad or “its in its Wild West days, mapping outWay of the boundaries, players staking out sometimes overlapping territory.”-LA Future? Times
  20. 20. Do you have multiple devices? Do you wish you could access yourAre you in data from anywhere? Are you worried about losing your pictures, documents or ebooks? Well savingthe Cloud? your data on the cloud is the answer. This program will explain10 things you need to know the benefits of being on the cloud. about using the cloud! When: Spring Quarter 2013! Location: Library Programs are only 10 minutes!