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Library buzz feb. vol. 1

  1. 1. What’s going On @ Your Campus? February Edition Vol. 1
  2. 2. Poetry Night @ WPK Eugene will be hosting this event with faculty & student readers! Photos & Caption submitted by Amanda, Laurie & Eugene
  3. 3. Laurie is collaborating with ASC on this event. Photos & Caption submitted by Amanda & Laurie
  4. 4. Revamped slide that Amanda creates for the WPK Campus Monthly newsletter. When published in the newsletter the images link out to catalog . Photos & Caption submitted by Amanda
  5. 5. WESTCHESTER DISPLAYS WST has created a rotating Black History Month display. Each week, different materials from the collection will be featured and a new interactive element will be incorporated. This week is "Heroes of Black History." We also have created a survey using Survey Monkey to engage students in conversation: "Do we still need a Black History Month? Why or why not?" Results will be shared at the end of the week. Later in the month we hope feature Black History and the Arts and do a Hip-Hop Crossword Puzzle Challenge. Photos & Caption submitted by Matthew & JIM
  6. 6. I n other WST NEWS….. In other news, we continue to retool our study room. We have heavily weeded our VHS collection, moved all of the educational films and DVD overflow to the rest of the AV collection in the stacks, and will soon be moving these empty shelves out. We anticipate getting a flatscreen TV and possibly a host of other tools to make the room a really productive, tech-equipped workspace. We were going to rename it the "White Plains Room" but now anticipate having a student contest to name the room. Hopefully we'll have a more exciting picture for the next Library Buzz! Photos & Caption submitted by Matthew & JIM
  7. 7. Photos & Caption submitted by Matthew & JIM The Weekly FYI basically keeps track of noteworthy reference questions and we share with each other. Then we create a sign and share with other students. The point is to share information that more than one student will find useful.
  8. 8. The Paramus Library initiated the “Reel View” - a film club for students and associates. The first movie selected for discussion, which we all saw on our own time, was 50/50. Due to the scheduling conflict of several of associates, the club met twice: on Thursday February 2 nd and Friday February 3 rd . In all 10 people attended both meetings. Each day the discussions related to different plots and characters, which I found particularly appealing as the leader of this first meeting. The next movie the club is going to discuss is “Moneyball.” Photos & Caption submitted by Maria
  9. 9. The works of the Interior Design students were on display at Paramus Campus. I used the library Flip camera to record the display and later shared it with the faculty and the students to the great cheer of both groups. The displayed designs, mostly by the new students, looked amazing. See for yourself! We tried to change our display areas: windowsill and the top of the magazine rack, every week or so. This month focus is obviously on the Black History Month, but we also displayed materials for the Super Bowl, Hollywood award season, Valentine’s Day. To be more scrupulous about the Black History Barbara prepared a displayed on Romare Bearden for his 10 th birthday anniversary. Paramus Displays Photos & Caption submitted by Maria
  10. 10. Maria serves on the VALE Reference Com. Subcommittee that was charged by the Executive Committee to recommend features that should be included in the next interface of the share catalog for all academic libraries in New jersey. The first meeting of the subcommittee took place at NJIT on February 7 th .   Photos & Caption submitted by Maria
  11. 11. The Paramus Library Winter 2012 newsletter has been distributed to the Paramus and BES associates on Thursday, January 27th. The same day all the new titles were checked out by associates and students for the weekend entertainment. Photos & Caption submitted by Maria
  12. 12. Valentine’s day displays across campuses Digital Display Managed by Amanda Westchester Paramus Photos submitted by Maria, Matthew, JIM & Amanda
  13. 13. Want to see your library featured in this slide show?