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Facts on file challenge!


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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Facts on file challenge!

  1. 1. Facts on File Challenge!O I present a challenge to all to discoverone unfamiliar feature within one or moredatabases in this collection. Then shareyour findings in the next Library Buzz.- Marlene
  2. 2. KatieO Did you know that Health ReferenceCenter lets you browse medical tests byclicking on a name, disease, or disorder?
  3. 3. MariaOSo my son is a Junior in high school and has no clue what hewould like study in college or what he wants to do aftercollege. Few days ago someone suggested to assess hisskills and help him chose a career, of course for a substantialfee. Well, similar test can be found in Ferguson CareerGuidance Center on the main page called: Career InterestAssessment. This feature can also help our students whocannot find a job in their particular profession, since its pairskills with similar professions.OAlso in Ferguson under: Career and Industry Resourcesone can find a list of Financial Aid Directories by Major withnumerous organizations that offer grants to students. This canreplace the print version of "The Scholarship Book."
  4. 4. JamesO Input your country > Cultures and Peoples> EtiquetteO This is really good for internationalbusiness classes.
  5. 5. BernadetteO The Science Online features acomprehensive timeline searchable bysubject, era or date range.
  6. 6. BonnieO I know wegenerally pointstudents toPlunketts forCareer IndustryinformationO but there are someexcellentresources, listings,websites and otherinfo here inFergusons too
  7. 7. SimonaO Did you know....There is a dictionary offered under eachsection (except Geography & Culture). Alsothe Health Reference Center and theScience Online dictionary allows user tosave definitions for future reference.
  8. 8. SusanO I am not all too familiar withthe Science Online databasewhere I explored the ForensicScience category. I thoughtthis would be an interestingfind, however, I noticed thedates of the references so Iam not too sure if this wouldstill be considered top 10forensic cases:O The Forensic Sciencediagrams (264) are also abasic resource, that I havenever used.
  9. 9. AmandaO Did you know…Science Online has aConversionCalculator?
  10. 10. Thank You to everyone thatParticipated in this Challenge!