A day in the life of a librarian2


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A day in the life of a librarian2

  1. 1. Leslin
  2. 2. • Coffee!• Logged on from home to check emails• Had an email conversation with CSK Team Leader, Matthew• Got in to work at WPK and began to prepare for today’s meeting with Sandra Mongak, re: Dover Business School Integration into Berkeley College• Coordinated the logistics of the meeting scheduled later today at PAR with Dr. Hrechak regarding his serving as a panelist for Faculty Forum on IL• Sent relevant Dover Business College Integration docs to Sandra in preparation for today’s meeting
  3. 3. • Had an impromptu meeting with Amanda on 5 items of interest• Got a high priority email from Online asking for 5 course outlines! No worries, easy to find. I say I am running to a meeting and will send as soon as I return• Had telephone conference with Sandra regarding DBC integration. This meeting went longer than expected and was running into a Legal Studies meeting, so we broke to resume later in the day.
  4. 4. • Ran to Legal Studies meeting with Marisol Abuin and Debbie Ranges, from Legal Studies and Criminal Justice depts. respectively. Legal Studies curriculum has been reworked so now IL courses have to be identified. Fortunately, they have done all the work and just need to run the courses and their assessment strategies by me. Love these two ladies!
  5. 5. • Received an invitation to serve on the Technology Review Committee. First meeting scheduled in NYC October 29. Place it on the calendar and decide to work all day in NY that day since I have two classes already scheduled there: FAS 321 and MGT 332.• Checked online courses SOC 415 and BUS 100• Received a gentle reminder from the Chair, Health Services Administration that I am on the agenda at his next faculty meeting on October 25 in Brooklyn. I respond saying I’m looking forward to it. Yikes!! Not ready for that meeting yet. Make a note to spend time with Simona regarding her Fall Into IL activities and ASC Writing the Research Paper workshop
  6. 6. • Resumed the meeting with Sandra re: Dover Business Integration. A number of changes need to be made to the timeline for IL integration with Dover and Berkeley. Need to update the timeline to send out to Marlene (who is on vacation) for approval on Friday. The document needs to be submitted to Dr. Vakalis by October 22.• As soon as this meeting is over, I start to work on the updates to the timeline• Matthew sends me an update on the Privacy Forum. Beautiful!!
  7. 7. • Compiled the RSVPs to date for the Faculty Forum on IL. I send to Shelly Nice of CELT who is coordinating the seating and the refreshments. 42 people! We are on our way to breaking last year’s attendance of 50!• Continued to compile IL Compliance reports for Deans. That Dean Kieffer is on the ball and I want to beat him to the punch! I will send it out before he asks me if it kills me! LOL!• Checked the discussion boards of the IL Curriculum Map Online Workshop. Online Faculty members are ‘getting It’. I’m so happy I could do a somersault if I knew how.
  8. 8. • Prepped for Honors Faculty Forum Meeting scheduled for tomorrow at NWK.• Sent one course outline to Mariana from online. Still need to find 4 more. Waiting for responses from Chairs.• I have a brief meeting with Laurie re: Writing the Research Paper Workshop• Received a LONG email from NY faculty member extolling the excellences of the IL program, its value to students, and Jim’s invaluable contribution to her classes. Woohoo!• Sent Faculty Forum on IL documents to Andrew Hrechak in preparation for today’s meeting at 5:30.
  9. 9. • I agree to take a SOC 225 class on Friday at 6PM at WPK during week 7. I hope the students will be alert.• Sent out the completely updated timeline to Sandra for a once over before it is submitted to Marlene.• Met by telephone with Andrew Hrechak regarding what he will cover at the upcoming Faculty Forum on IL.• Goodnight