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Rules for Technology, Grades 1st-6th, Room 109


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In this presentation, you will find the rules we follow in Technology Class in Room 109.

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Rules for Technology, Grades 1st-6th, Room 109

  1. 1. Rules for Technology Room 109
  2. 2. Students are expected to follow the Mills’ Pride Rules..• Be Responsible• Be Respectful• Be Ready
  3. 3. Arrival Procedures• Enter quietly.• Do not run or rush to your seat.• Sit down quietly and wait for directions.• Do not begin using the computer until you are told to do so.• Do not change any of the settings on the computer.
  4. 4. Take Care of the Computers• Keep screens clean. Do not write on them.• Do not peel stickers off of the equipment.• No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the technology lab.• Be gentle with the mouse, keyboard & headphones.• Keep the legs of the keyboard raised.• Always leave your computer area organized.
  5. 5. Respecting and Helping Others• Raise your hand if you need help.• If Mrs. Berkery is unavailable, ask 3 before me.• Help each other learn. Share your expert advice.• Respect your classmates AND their computer.• Help students with your MOUTH not their MOUSE.•• Open only your work.
  6. 6. Dead Mouse• When working in class, you might hear me call out: “Dead Mouse.”• If you hear this, you should: -turn your mouse over -put hands on your lap -listen• When I say, “Mice alive,” you may continue working.
  7. 7. Internet Rules• Always follow Internet Safety rules.• No online chatting.• Do not access personal email accounts.• Stay on approved websites.• Do not give out ANY personal information.
  8. 8. Saving your Work and Printing• Save your work by following the steps Mrs. Berkery gives you.• Always save to Students on Mills’ Z.• SAVE OFTEN!!!!!• Check Mrs. Berkery’s screen for your name to make sure your work saved.• Print only with Mrs. Berkery’s permission.• Only print once.
  9. 9. Missing Assignments• If you are absent, you must come see me to see what you missed.• If you are in band, you must come see me to see what you missed.• You can stay in during recess and complete any missed work.• If you do not make up your work after two reminders, it will result in a detention.
  10. 10. Scratch your Luck• All students in all grade levels will be able to earn prizes this year.• To earn a prize, I look at students that were respectful, behaved in class, listened and followed directions or were helpful.• You will receive a “Scratch your Luck” ticket where you can win 1 of 15 prizes.
  11. 11. Dismissal Procedures• Always save work and exit all programs.• Straighten up area.• Hang up headphones.• Return pencils.• Throw out any trash.• Push in chair.• Walk slowly and quietly to line and choose a line to line up in.• Exit quietly.