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Real estate-presentation


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Real estate-presentation

  1. 1. Title slideThe Next Communication Channel:Virtual Business Cards and SMS Communication
  2. 2. Title slide
  3. 3. Smartphones• 64% of 25-35 year olds own a smartphone1 in 4 mobile subscribersover the age of 55own a smartphoneThe SMS text messagingmarket is expected togrow from $150 billion in2009to $223 billion bythe end of 201490minutesTime it takes the average person torespond to an email.Time it takes the average personTo respond to atext message:90SECONDS.Source: mannixmarketing.comSource: CTIA.orgSource: Portio Research$150 billion$223 billion
  4. 4. Mobile Gathers databasesfor future marketing.&Lead Generates NewBusiness!91% of all U.S….Citizens have their mobiledevice within reach 24/795% of smartphoneusers looked up localinformation, & ofthose, 61% called &59% visited thebusiness.The majority of 25-34 year olds now own smartphones (64% and53% respectively)Source: Borrell AssociatesSource: Morgan StanleySource: Google IPSOSSource: Nielsen
  5. 5. 2 Massive Opportunities for RealtorsVirtual Business CardsBuilding lists of their COI (Circle ofInfluence) day after day will amount tothousands of people ready for futureupdates on listings, interest rates,grants, and more.Here is my card.(Hope you don’t throw it in the trash)I use Virtual Business Cards!We care about the environment.Just Text Susan to the phone number28748Lead Generating Yard SignsProvide Details of Listings rightto “potential customers”phonesRealtor gets notified of thelead for follow-upTo: 28748Msg: Susan
  6. 6. Virtual Business CardsEven Better: The COI (Circle of Influence) ManagerHere is my card.(Hope you don’t throw it in the trash)I use Virtual Business Cards!We care about the environment.Just Text Susan to the phone number72727Everyday Realtors connect with peoplethat are future home buyers and sellers.They try and get their informationFollow up with Emails and CallsTry to Build their social networksWhen their connections text in, they are automatically enteredinto a mobile database
  7. 7. Promote to Your COIMessages have greater open and response rates“I just listed a new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with tons of upgrades.See it here reply STOP 2end”“Know someone looking to buy or sell a home? Come see me at myopen house tomorrow at noon. Here are the directions and picturesof the home reply STOP 2end”“Want to know what your home is worth? Know someone buyingor selling? Fwd this message to them and tell them to call 816-455-5545 and see my listings here”1 to 2 Messages sent to the growing database per monthMassive Top-of-Mind-AwarenessGet more traffic to listingsIf the investment in this program was $19 per monthX 12 months = Total investment $228What is the Return-on-Investment if you only sold 1 extra home?$3,500 : $228
  8. 8. Virtual Flyers = Lead GeneratorsEach sign can be moved from Listing to Listing when Sold!Potential Buyer drives by and sees signage.Customer Engages with their mobile device andreceives:• Instant Text-Message with Information• A link to view photos and video of the property• A Mortgage calculator• All realtor contact info and a contact formRealtor receives instant text message notifying him/her of the lead,the lead’s phone number, and which house they engaged with.
  9. 9. Augmenting EventsBuilding Databases!When Realtors go to events they are looking to capture NEW LEADS!Instead of handing out paper…Deliver your information right to their phone!• Capture Information• Capture Emails• Run Contests – (type your mobile number in here to enter to wina gift card to Home Depot)
  10. 10. An App for Every Realtor!Top-of-Mind Awareness by being on top of the phoneEach Realtor gets their own smartphone app• All of their listings• Contact information• Mortgage calculators• Interactive maps• And more
  11. 11. Panchero’s Gift Cards arethe best gift! Click here andbe finished shopping.http://xmaspanch.wapReply STOP 2quit• Increase Social Network Followers• Get Referrals• Capture Email• Support CausesDo more with the Mobile Databases for your business!Susan James – Realty Executives:I just posted some great videoon Facebook of my new listingthat is $225,000, click and like us now.Reply STOP 2quitTo Complete your entry for achance to Win a FREE $100 giftcertificate at Home Depot, replywith your email address to thistext. Reply STOP 2endReal Estate Susan James: Our Real estatecompany is doing a drive for toysfor Christmas. Please drop offyour toys at our event thisweekend, click here for details Reply STOP 2endDo more with Mobile Databases
  12. 12. More Economical than Business CardsAnd way more effective!All programs come with:• A Virtual Business Card (COI Manager)• Their own Realtor App• And Virtual Signs + Lead NotificationsOne-Time Set-up fee would apply for the printing and delivery of Yard SignageRebate8% of all Gross Revenue2,000 Realtors $34.99= $5,598 per month
  13. 13. Contact Delta ForcesDelta Forces LLC331 N. New BallasCreve Couer, MO 63141m.deltaforces.mobiPaul KhouryPresident/ CEOP. 872-333-7986O.