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Berhanu ethical behavior respecting code of professional conduct


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Berhanu ethical behavior respecting code of professional conduct

  1. 1. My Ethical behavior respecting code of professional conduct, involving and practice human rights activity, the conduct which governing me is that unselfishness, generosity and kindness I wish too others also selflessness, honesty and integrity, omitting indifference, live with objectivity, calm and peaceful during pressure, responsibility and accountability during the working activity, honesty and openness for any working activity, personal judgment, respect for others duty to uphold or support the law, stewardship and leadership like an attendant on a ship or aircraft i.e. supervise the arrangement of the public event. My moral principle also collecting knowledge for the purpose of avoiding poor working conditions than personal gain, as far as I could tried to reject from me and from others attempting things which pollute the air, i.e. knowingly damaging the environment waste, polluting the atmosphere, insider trading from personal profit for the proper application of authority and responsibility. I could make myself be in charge of personal beliefs/conscience. I would like to be proud of my honor and integrity for the purpose of blow the whistle when things don’t go right I know I should have to be clean as a whistle. I did ones or two times and God may help me for the future!