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Monsoon Assignment 4 Part 2

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Monsoon powerpoint

  1. 1. Monsoon by Robert Kaplan<br /> Michael Bergamasco<br />Geopolitics and History<br />
  2. 2. Earth’s Environmental Cauldron<br />The Indian Ocean is a fragile environmental area in which there are millions of people living close to the threat of natural disasters. <br />Half the people in the world living within 7 miles of active volcanoes live in Indonesia. Kaplan refers to this fragile area as an environmental cauldron. He predicts that millions may be either maimed or killed as a result of volcanic eruptions or tsunamis. This seismically fragile area is ripe for catastrophe as urban sprawl continues to develop areas that humans may never have been intended to populate. If the U.S. naval presence is reduced our ability to provide devastated nations with fresh water, food and medical supplies may be significantly hindered with untold suffering the result. <br />
  3. 3. Power Players in the Indian Ocean Region<br />China is taking steps to secure trade routes and obtain resources such as natural gas, oil, minerals, metals and timber. Access to resources will assist in boosting their economy and obtaining supplies needed for a growing infrastructure. Myanmar a country rich in these resources has been fought over for rights to build deep water ports to transport resources safely to China. The U.S. continues to strive to remain a presence in the area while maintaining safe trade routes. India is attempting to expand its influence in the region as well, by battling for these precious resources needed for a burgeoning Indian population. <br />
  4. 4. India and China Collide<br />China’s drive southward and India’s drive west and eastward puts both countries on a collision course which will meet in Burma. Both countries are currently vying for power and influence in the region. <br />Burma is becoming a quiet, strategic battleground. Burma has reserves of uranium, a key nuclear ingredient sought after by Iran. Muslim influence in the area is a strong consideration as they aim to become part of the middle class in Eurasia. The Christian missionaries are also active amongst the various ethnic groups in Burma. Agreements for pipelines and trade routes will have to be negotiated and renegotiated in the future as control of the area continues to unfold. <br />
  5. 5. Unity and Anarchy<br />China is renewing historical links with Arab and Persian civilizations. India has never severed such relations. The Indian Ocean which Kaplan considers the universal joint of the Eastern Hemisphere is hurtling towards unity. The rise of China’s economy is an accelerant for the Arab world as its demand for oil continues to increase. This offers the Arab world a new strategic partner other than the West. The unity in this part of the world may come about by the resurrection of a trading system. Africa and third world countries will be the beneficiary of resurging China and a dynamic India. The anarchy of Somali piracy on the seas will likely be dealt with by the U.S in cooperation with India and China to curtail anarchy on the seas in this very strategic area of the world. <br />