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GeoClue - geo-information framework


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GeoClue presentation in the KDE aKademy 2008 conference

Published in: Technology
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GeoClue - geo-information framework

  1. 1. GeoClue geo-information framework for mobile Linux desktops
  2. 2. Henri Bergius
  3. 3. Location matters Your desktop or mobile knows who you are, what time it is, who you know and what you're doing. But it doesn't know where it is.
  4. 4. Open mobile devices
  5. 5. Mobile device manufacturers are pushing location awareness iPhone, Android, N95, ...
  6. 6. Location comes in many flavors
  7. 7. GPS
  8. 8. GSM
  9. 9. WiFi
  10. 10. IP address
  11. 11. Proximity