Italy, com area mc and ncc report for q3, 2010


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Italy, com area mc and ncc report for q3, 2010

  1. 1. Communication Area MC & NCC Report for Q3, 2010 Elena Gaffurini, MCVP PR Evgenia Berestneva, MCVP IM Alessio Esposito, NCC Web-Manager Raffaele Triggiano, NCC Brand Audit Rafael Campos, NCC Social Media
  2. 2. Information Management Q3 Achievements + NCC Team election/management + IC Italy promotion + National Projects MRKG/promo + AIESEC Italy Annual Report 09|10 + National Wiki Structure + Election in CMU 10|11 (Global Com Team) + Recruitment planning/coaching/materials + EBC broadcasting Q3 Not Done -Social Media / Web-page development Strategy -MC Transition Ouputs -Knowledge Management Drive -X+L drive -Not working on recruitment in summer -Conferences Promotion members tracking LCs -Internal Communication structure in LCs -ICX promotion of LCs in Q4 Focuses 1) Recruitment analysis/follow up 2) OGX promotion 3) Raising/Matching Drive 4) X+L education/drive 5) ICX promo by LCs 6) Internal Communication in LCs 7) usage 8) Knowledge Management 9) IM area evaluation 10) Members mngt in LCs 11) Web-page for national projects 12) Social media special campaigns 13) On-line promo/marketing national projects 14) CMU: Impact Report 15) CMU: Global Fan-page development
  3. 3. Web-page Q3 Achievements + Taken a look at the international network* + Taken a look at web-pages of LCs + Updating MC web-page + Sharing new tools for MC and LCs web- pages (Wibiya Toolbar) + Google analytics install on web-pagec Q3 Not Done - Creating specific suggestions to pass for each LC web-page - Providing education to LCs in order to modify their own website - SEO optimization - Google adv Q4 Focuses 1) Creating new template for the national web-page 2) Proving education to LCs in order to modify their own website 3) Finalizing each LC web-page 4) Working on national web-page weywords 5) Promoting new LCs web-pages 6) Looking for online free promotion 7) Analyze statistic of visitors etc
  4. 4. Web-page Due to crash of counter on web-page, here is monthly data from 15.09 to 15.10.2010 To work on: 1) Pageviews (Average=10,000) 2) Time on Site (Average=2 min) 3) Bounce Rate (Average=50%) Increase dynamic of web-page Make it more interactive Install counter on all pages
  5. 5. Brand Audit Q3 Achievements + Realization of Market Analysis Questionnaire and of the documents Structure and Analysis of Market Analysis Questionnaire (a sort of HOW TO DO IT) Q3 Not Done -on-line version of Market Analysis -Education for LCs
  6. 6. Social Media Q3 Achievements + Social Media research. + Change the template of social medias. + Installation of tracking tools. + Interconnection of social media + Blog updating + Post more frequently. Q3 Not Done -Schedule and framework for feeding -Long term social media strategy -Short term campaign in social media -Blog finalization with pictures/movies -Education for LCs on social media Q4 Focuses 1) Campaign to attract traffic 2) Track statistic of LCs 3) Work closer to LCs (education and support). 4) Framework and time-line feeding 5) Support MC in others activities.
  7. 7. Social Media Blog in Q3: 850 pageviews Fan-page in Q3: +633 fans
  8. 8. Social Media Twitter: + 175 followers in Q3