Something Big


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Something Big

  1. 1. Something Big Case Study: The thing I wanted to do on the something big project is furniture design, which could be used at home. After spending time on different designs of chairs and tables I have designed a chair and a table that go together. I have spent too much time on this project. But I am happy because the more I work on different designs the more analyse the shapes and problems on the functionallity of different designs. The first one I have made is a table which could be used for dual purpose and be exended.
  2. 2. Something Big Tests: The second was a chair design which was so aesthetical and within few lines I make compositions but I left this one because in this project I want to make a very a very good design not only interms of shape but also function and safety. I want to make a design which have the quality of multi purpose, press fitting method and simplicity. After making the model both in 3D,2D and model finally I shifted to the design I thought that is nice.
  3. 3. Development: When I started to make this tremendous design which is deprived from the Ethiopian traditional design and made it to be the first one. The first design is good visually and also portable but for using the machines and materials here in FabLab I needed to come up with new idea besides Ineeded to develop it inorder to make it have minimum parts without lacking the good strucure. The first idea is to make it have two xy direction but next i was inspired by Benitos idea of finger construction, thats how the idea developed and made this final design.
  4. 4. Development: Making this chair design is interesting for me because I needed to deal with the press fitting method, mechanism, functionality and its appearance as well Since the soft wares I used most -3D studio and illustrator doesn't work on my computer, I needed to borrow victor's. First I have made a rough drawing on illustrator then I have exported it with jpeg and i displayed it in view port background on the left window, then I trace it, give the precise measurements and work on the modeling After modeling I animate it by pivot point to see how it would work / fits and the construction method. I needed an adjustment in order to make it fit well. After making the 3D model with 3D max studio I saved it as j peg/F9 and make the drawing on illustrator /I again checked the size, make a drawing and scaled it for the small model and the big one.
  5. 5. Construction
  6. 6. CAD-Material
  7. 7. Fabrication: Finally visually it was good- Even though i didn't make the big one because of the machine problem besides appearance the structure, balance and strength was sucess. The blog will be edited when produced.