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Future Proof Web Design


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Future Proof Web Design

  1. 1. re tu f u o F ro P
  2. 2. re utuof F ro P Web Design Chris Corwin (hi)
  3. 3. uture F oof Pr It’s basically awful. Billions of internet documents are a hodgepodge of messy code.
  4. 4. uture F oof Pr Can’t we just beat them? A internet made of of websites made of pages like this is hard to keep happy.
  5. 5. uture F oof Pr O NOEZ! CLOGGY TUBEZ! The pages eat bandwidth, making the internet slow. It’s not like a truck.
  6. 6. uture F oof Pr I know I saw it here somewhere. They are hard for search engines to index.
  7. 7. uture F oof Pr *blink* They use too much code to provide too little meaningful information.