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Synectics Presentation

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Synectics Presentation

  1. 1. SYNECTICS Presented by Gretchen Chern & Rebecca Mahl
  2. 2. HISTORY Developed by George M. Prince & Bill Gordon in the 1950s Recorded and analyzed innovation sessions “ Success” defined as getting a creative solution that the group was committed to implement Set up Synectics Inc. (now Synecticsworld) in 1960
  3. 3. METHOD synectics – Greek term synectikos Joining together of different and apparently irrelevant elements into a unified whole. Combines group interaction rules with a creative process centered around the use of metaphor and drawing analogies from diverse disciplines.
  4. 4. METHOD Synectic Triggor Mechanisms Key Idea: new thoughts, designs, and inventions can be generated by applying Synectic trigger mechanisms . Add Transfer Change Style Distort Prevaricate Subtract Empathize Substitute Disguise Analogize Repeat Animate Fragment Contradict Hybridize Combine Superimpose Isolate Parody Metamorphose Symbolize Mythologize Fantasize
  5. 5. METHOD Synectic Think Cycle / Synectic Three R’s Referring: The general subject and specific problem is defined. (research/background) Reflecting: Imaginative manipulation of the problem, exploring alternatives, possible solutions, and translations of various types. Reconstruction: Reinventing or transforming. Taking apart the problem or its existing solution and assembling it a different way. (involves Synectic trigger mechanisms)
  6. 6. PROBLEM How can we help make recycling a habitual part of daily life?
  7. 7. EXAMPLE SOLUTION Attributes of water bottle: Holds water, flexible, plastic, clear, blue, opens on top, top screws on, provides hydration to people Helping to make recycling a daily habit is like a water bottle because… you need transparency to show people what is in the bins, how it works and where items are going… so you could make bins transparent and include clear directions and information about the process
  8. 8. CLASS EXERCISE Step 1: Count off in threes (1,2,3, repeat) to make three groups Step 2: Spin the wheel to find the metaphor for your group
  9. 9. CLASS EXERCISE Step 3: List attributes of metaphor individually (3 min) Step 4: Discuss attributes with group (5 min) Step 5: The problem is like this object because… (5 min) Step 6: Discuss as a group (12 min) Record main connections and build off ideas of others Share ideas with class

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