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X men Presentation

  1. 1. The Types Of Marketing Used For The X-Men Film :• The Previous films• The teaser trailer• The teaser poster• Official trailer• Official poster• Merchandise
  2. 2. SuccessesThe successes of having merchandise is that it would get the targetaudience and fans more involved in the film. There is replicas ofthis in the film used by the characters. There is also collectableslike the Lego figurines, which is useful for children as they can playwith themWEAKNESSESThe weaknesses of having merchandise is that it is expensive toproduce and make.
  3. 3. This poster is a teaser poster which aims to give hints tothe target audience about what the film is going to entail.This teaser poster does not give that much away whichwould make people want to see the film. This poster looksas if it’s a shield and its holding back all the secrets of thefilm. The big ‘X’ in the middle would help peoplerecognise that it is part of the X-men film series.Underneath the ‘X’ there is a date “6.3.11” which willinform people when the film is going to be shown in thecinema. the colours of the poster are also very dark whichshows that something dark is about to occur.Successes:The successes of having a teaser poster is that it makespeople want to see the film because it does not giveanything away about the narrative of the film.Weaknesses:The weaknesses of the teaser trailer is that it does notgive any clue about what the film is about so peoplewould not know if they would like to see the film or not.
  5. 5. Teaser trailers are used to advertise an upcoming film they don’t contain that muchinformation about the film/narrative. They are usually very short. Teaser trailers areto get the audiences attention and not necessarily revealing anything about the film.The characters in film are not revealed properly. From the teaser trailer is a hybridgenre of action/adventure/sci-fi. This is aimed at young adults and older.Successes:The successes of having a teaser trailer is that it gives an insight into what the film will be like. It wouldmake people want to see the film even though they don’t know much about it. The target audience wouldwant to know what is going on in the film.Weaknesses:The weaknesses of having a teaser trailer is that it does not go into detail about the characters as much asthe official trailer does. Also it is only short and contains little information about the narrative.
  7. 7. The official trailers are there to givethe audience an insight into what thefilm entails. They would introduce the Successes:characters more than the teaser The successes of having an official trailer is that ittrailer. This trailer shows more about gives an insight into what the film will be like. Itthe main characters in the film than would make people want to see the film. The trailer introduces the characters in more detail and what isthe teaser trailer. It also shows more going to happen in the film.detail about the film. The targetaudience for this film is young adults+.The genre for the film is shown which Weaknesses: The weaknesses of an Official trailer is that it mightis action/adventure/sci-fi. The official give too much away about the film and make peopletrailer is longer to give the audience not want to see it.an idea of what the film is about thisis an advantage because it wouldmake the audience want to see thefilm even more.
  8. 8. • The title is very small and in a simple font• It shows the main characters in the poster to attract people to it. If they liked the previous films then showing all the main characters might attract them to watch this film.• The aircraft in the background shows there is going to be a war of some kind. This would attract the target audience because they would want to know what is going on.• “ witness the moment that will change our world”. This caption would attract people they would want to know where the x-men all started.• The background of the poster• Is a big silver ‘X’. From far away there target audience would immediately know that it is an X-men film because of the iconography used.• The characters are all lined up to show that they are waiting for something to happen. This would intrigue the target audience. Successes: The successes of having a official poster is that it makes people want to see the film because it gives more information about who will be in the film. Weaknesses: The weaknesses of the official trailer is that it still does not give any clue about what the film is about.
  9. 9. Representations:Age: This film is aimed at young adults+Gender: This film is aimed at both male andfemales it has both in the film which are maincharacters.Ethnicity: This film has different ethnicities in itwhich makes it representable to differentethnicities. Narrative: The US government need help from the mutants with superhuman abilities to stop a man trying to start world war III. Genre: The genre of this film is a hybrid of action/adventure/sci-fi The target audience is young adults.