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  1. 1. The characters that are seen in our film trailer, are generally the maincharacters in the film. There has been use of unimportant charactersin the trailer, but this was simply to help move the trailer alongsmoothly, these are known as vehicle characters.When creating our trailer, my team and I had to try and make thecharacters relatable to a working class audience, at this point is whenthe stereotype of suggesting all working class people are ‘chavs’came into play with our film.Despite the fact we did make our characters dress in joggers andhoodies to connote the working class area, we also had a scene at aparty where the characters got a chance to dress formal, I think by myteam and I doing this, it balances out that for the rest of the movie theworking class area will be seen as slightly ‘chavvy’.
  2. 2. The female characters in our film we’re not represented as ‘chavvy’ asthe females were the ones trying to break up the fighting and to stopthe madness, therefore it was only right that we made the girls in thefilm look as though they belonged to a higher class to show they wereabove the fighting.The males on the other hand wanted to continue with the violence,this is why we had to make them look like ‘chavs’ as in our societytoday, ‘chavs’ are seen as destructive, so by us sticking to thestereotypes it is easier for our audience to see what class and socialgroup we are representing.
  3. 3. In our trailer Josh plays Romeowho has found the love of hislife, but one problem... She is inthe opposing gang, who’sbrother is the leader of.In the trailer Romeo is shown as a ‘chav’for this we had to get Josh out of his styleof clothing and into something he was notso comfortable in.By being able to change his costume wewere able to create a realistic effect of thestereotype of the workingclass and how they are portrayed.
  4. 4. In our trailer Beth plays Juliet.Juliet has fallen for Romeo in the oppositegang and is also best friends with Kenziewho is also in the opposite gang. Herbrother Blake is constantly wanting to fightRomeo, but Juliet has to try and stop himwithout having letting him find out aboutthem two.So where does it all go wrong for Julietwhen a gun is pulled to her face?!In the film Beth’s costume is typically whatshe would wear everyday anyway (wellapart from the party scenes, I doubt she’dwear a dress everywhere ).
  5. 5. In our trailer Alex plays Alex(creative I know ).Alex is Romeo’s best friend, andhelps him try to be with Julieteven though he knows it iswrong.As you can see, Alex’s style ofclothing is not usually joggersand hoodies, so with him willingto change his costume, it wasable to give our film a real senseof authenticity.
  6. 6. In our trailer Hannah plays Kenzie, who isin Romeo’s gang but is best friends withJuliet, who is obviously in the oppositegang. Kenzie is also seeing someone, butthe mystery around that makes us wonderwho that is, could it be Blake?In the film Hannah’s costume is typicallywhat she would wear everyday anyway(well apart from the party scenes, I doubtshe’d wear a dress everywhere ).
  7. 7. In our trailer Ryan playsBlake, who is Juliet’sbrother, and is the leader oftheir gang. Despite Julietbeing worried about Blakefinding out she is in lovewith Romeo.Although he has a secret to hide himself ashe has a mystery girl, is it Kenzie?Again, as you can see Ryan also had tochange his costume to a make him appearas a working class character.