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The sponsorship overview for The Next Web Conference 2008. April 3 and 4 in Amsterdam.

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Next Web Sponsorship 08

  1. The Next Web • April 3 & 4, 2008 • Amsterdam • The Next Web Conference April 3 & 4 - Westergasfabriek Introduction Event statistics The Next Web 2007 Media coverage Focus points for upcoming event Sponsorship Opportunities 2008
  2. The Next Web • Introduction The Next Web introduction Figure 1: The Web is redefining the way we do business and is creating Number of attendees per country new opportunities for entirely new and existing markets. The Next Web Conference is a one of a kind conference in Europe which brings Industry thought leaders, technology entrepreneurs, top tier VC’s and the driving corporate forces of innovation in the Internet Industry together. Here is some interesting information about The Next Web 2007 edition to get an impression about the impact of The Next Web Conference. “If I could attend only one conference next year looking for the latest in webX.0, I bet you it would be The Next Web!” Barend van den Attendees: 502 Brande, Big Bang Ventures From 25 countries
  3. The Next Web • 2007 Event Statistics The Next Web 2007 statistics Figure 2: In total 502 people (see figure 1) attended The Next Web Attendees’ positions include: Conference 2007 (compared to 270 in 2006). The day before the conference we organized an unconference International OpenCoffee meetup in café De Jaren with some of the speakers and 185 attendees. A blend of decision makers from the European Internet scene, technology entrepreneurs, innovators, along with venture capitalists, industry journalist, bloggers, and senior level executives attended the conference. (see figure 2). “I met more interesting companies than at any other such event” Robert Schrimpff, TVM-Capital “cool location, cool venue, cool conference” Ian Hay, Orange
  4. The Next Web • Media Coverage The Next Web 2007 in the media The Next Web has been mentioned in 21 papers in 8 countries. 625 blog posts have been written about The Next Web. Among others the following media have published stories about the 2007 conference: Blogosphere: Mainstream Media: • Techcrunch (468k RSS readers) • The Times (3 stories) • ReadWriteWeb (3 posts - 83k RSS readers) • Die Zeit • Mashable (2 posts - 175k RSS readers) • Sontagszeitung (800k prints) • Marketingfacts (3 posts - 40k views) • NRC Handelsblad (250k prints) • Bright • NRC Next (125k prints) • ZDnet • De Telegraaf (700k prints) • FEM Business • Amsterdam weekly (40k prints) • Digg frontpage (3 times) • De Pers, Metro, Spits (approx. 500k prints) • The Next Web Videos (20k + views) • Dutch, Finnish and Danish national radio quot;the media coverage at the conference was really great!quot; Kaj Haggman, Nokia
  5. Sponsorship Opportunities Package The Next Web Conference April 3 & 4 2008 Sponsorship Opportunities
  6. The Next Web • Focus Points 2008 Focus points 2008 What’s next... • 2 day conference • Bringing the 600-750 European Industry influentials and thought leaders together • Facilitating extensive networking possibilities before, during and after the conference • Top level speakers • Opportunity to showcase new technologies/services on stage • Spacious company arena for optimal brand placement • Spread content (podcasts, video and sheets) widely after the conference
  7. The Next Web • The Venue • Westergasfabriek The Westergasfabriek is a culture park in central Amsterdam. It Main conference room breathes inspiration and enthusiasm. Keynotes The Next Web Conference is known for its personal and good Sponsor Cases atmosphere. Like minded people are gathering to be inspired by Startup Showcases the speakers and startup showcases, to network and to do business. 700m2 A venue is key for the atmosphere and to facilitate networking. Therefore we have picked this venue with 2 key elements: All Keynotes and Startup Showcases are on main stage The Company Arena, lunch and coffee breaks are all in the same area. Perfect networking opportunities and great visibility for Stairs your company. One area for breaks, lunch and the Company Arena Friday Night: The Next Web Terra Sponsor party in cooperation with Bright Live 640 m2 Stairs
  8. The Next Web • Sponsor Benefits Sponsor benefits include / Sponsor packages Terra Giga Mega Venturepreneur Recognition as x Sponsor on conference website (logo, link, description) yes yes yes yes Inclusion and recognition as x sponsor in all conference communications (ads, mailings, video feeds) yes yes yes yes Opportunity to add content to Virtual Goodie Bag yes yes yes yes Logo placement on entrance photo shoot backdrop wall yes yes yes yes Logo placement on Conference Social Network yes yes Sponsor case session (10 minutes in general session on main stage) yes yes Company banner in main conference area and company arena yes yes Company Booth at Exposition Arena 30m2 20m2 12m2 Logo on name badges yes yes Opportunity to offer after conference benefits to the conference attendee mailing list yes yes Company name on key cords (perfect visibility on photos and videos) yes Guest invitation(s) to pre-conference keynote dinner 2 1 Additional conference passes 8 6 2 4 Extra invitations to The Next Web Terra Sponsor Dinner 10 4 2 4 All extra passes, besides the additional mentioned passes are available for a 30% discount.
  9. The Next Web • Preliminary agenda and Networking events Time* Thursday Friday Legenda 08:30 - 10:30 Breakfast and registration Open Coffee and Expo General Session General Session General session includes Keynotes, Startup Showcases, and 10:30 - 13:00 Coffee and Expo Break Coffee and Expo Break Entertainment. General Session General Session 13:00 - 14:30 Lunch Lunch Sponsor Case Sponsor Case Ventrepreneur Sponsor General Session General Session 14:30 - 18:00 Coffee and Expo Break Coffee and Expo Break Terra Sponsor General session Sponsor Case General Session Award ceremony Giga Sponsor The Next Web Terra Sponsor 19:00 - 21:00 The Next Web closing Dinner Dinner (invitation only) The Next Web Terra Sponsor 21:00 - 01:00 Party
  10. The Next Web • Sponsor packages Terra Sponsor (exclusive) Giga Sponsor (limit 3) €45.000 €25.000 Includes above mentioned benefits and: Includes above mentioned benefits and: The Next Web Terra Sponsor Dinner The Next Web Giga Sponsor OpenCoffee Meetup This is an invitation only dinner on Thursday night. Attendance is limited Recognition as sponsor of this International OpenCoffee Meetup. to Mega (or better) Sponsors and their invitees. OpenCoffee is a great way to meet new people and to start the day. Recognition as the evening’s sponsor. The Meetup is also open for non-conference attendees. Brand 10 extra invitations to the dinner. placement and give outs allowed. (catering included) Lunch Sponsor The Next Web Terra Sponsor Party Recognition as Lunch Sponsor Closing Party on Friday including Logo placement during lunch Recognition as party Sponsor Opportunity to invite 10 additional guests who are not conference attendees Opportunity to introduce featured DJ/entertainer Banner placement or virtual banners on beamer
  11. The Next Web • Sponsor packages Startup Package 1 Venturepreneur Sponsor (limit 2) (startups only, limited availability) €10.000 for price info contact Patrick Includes above mentioned benefits and: 5 min showcase during general session on main stage The Venturepreneur Sponsor is the innovation partner of 2 Showcase 2 conference passes demo sessions. You can select 2 (portfolio) companies to demo on Company booth (6m2) at the Company Arena stage. Your logo will be placed before online video feeds of all 50-word company description in Conference Guide Showcases and during demo sessions on main screen. Venturepreneur will be Sponsor of 1 Coffee Break (catering Startup Package 1I included). (startups only, limited availability) Mega Sponsor €5.000 for price info contact Patrick Includes above mentioned benefits. Mega Sponsorship is required to 2 conference passes attend The Next Web Terra Sponsor Dinner. Company booth (6m2) at the Company Arena 50-word company description in Conference Guide Company or VC Booth in Arena €4000,- 12 m2, including internet access, power.
  12. The Next Web • Networking Unconference How we facilitate networking? The night before The Next Web Conference there will be an Networking focus points for attendees and Sponsors unconference meetup in Amsterdam to get warmed up. The Next Web Conference is about meeting new and interesting people, boosting your PR, having fun, being inspired, making deals and Conference doing business. Networking events During the conference there are extensive networking opportunities 700 interesting people, 2 days and 2 evenings. How can you get most in the Company Arena. During registration, coffee breaks, and lunch it out of your conference? is Networking time. There are 2 dinners during the evenings: Thursday Terra Sponsor We are building a custom made business Conference Network, dinner (Sponsors and their invitees only) and Friday The Next Web where you can see who’s at the conference, who you should meet, closing dinner who other attendees think you should meet, make appointments and prepare yourself for the ultimate networking days. The Next Web Terra Sponsor party will be held on Friday night in This Conference Network will go online 2 weeks before the cooperation with Bright Live (800 people). conference and is available all year afterwards.
  13. The Next Web • Contact Reach technology leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs at The Next Web 2008 Use The Next Web Conference to position yourself as next web visionary. Our Sponsors are leading the way and shaping the Internet landscape. Sponsorships in combination with the networking events we organize offer a unique opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and interact with Europe's most influential web innovators. For more information about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Patrick de Laive +31 6 4200 4200 Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten +31 6 2181 1784