Am I Agile An Introspection Of Our Life


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When we introduce scrum to team, we faced with a question from the team like "How can i develop software without completely freezing the big picture?". The presentation is about what I understood as Agile in our life check it out.

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  • Thanks Albert. Very good ideas well put. These thoughts are always coming to my mind. But after seeing yours, they now took a concrete shape. However one suggestion: A tainted sports person like Ben Johnson should not have been used even as an example. Usain Bolt's name should have been used.. .
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  • @lucian303 @lucian303 i agree to the fact that there is a deadline, but in agile projects we work in multiple model where in some projects timeline will be fixed (scope will vary based on development), in some scope will be fixed (timeline will be flexible). The point it it depends on the client.

    the answer you gave me provoking my thoughts on how can we build a system which is maintainable with the provided time line. Most of the problems that arises are like chicken and Egg story. but we need to start somewhere so that we can start solving one by one.
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  • I just started developing series of web based games to teach and practice SCRUM and Kanban. Till now I have just worked on a game called Ones game and can be accessed at the following URL:

    Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
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  • All, Looks liek SlideShare is saving the file as zip file. Kindly rename the file as .pptx to view the presentation.
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  • oq eu faço, pois naum consigo fazer meu slide
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Am I Agile An Introspection Of Our Life

  1. Am I Agile? – An introspection of our lifePresented By: Albert Arul Prakash © 2012 1
  2. Dilemma when moving to AgileDeveloper Test engineer Architect Technical WriterHow can I How can I test How can I How can Idevelop the software design a system document asoftware when when all without an system when all II don’t have features are not understanding get are smallthe complete developed? of its complete chunks in eachrequirement? scope? sprint? © 2012 2
  3. The underlying anxiety• How can I create something by seeing the dots, when I don’t know what I’m expected to create at the end? © 2012 3
  4. • I introspected on the path that I took to reach a true understanding of Agile.• I realized that – our life itself does not follow the waterfall model – humans have always been Agilists who have practiced Agile method of living every single day.© 2012 4
  5. Let’s Begin © 2012 5
  6. During Infancy days • we always take baby steps to achieve our goals. – We never take long steps that might make us fall. • Also the first baby step takes at least 7 months. • we are all provided with just- in- time requirements like – turning over to one side – dragging ourselves forward – sitting up, crawling – Standing – and then finally taking that first step • We never had a requirement that we needed to run like Ben Johnson! Or do we? © 2012 6
  7. During Infancy days• Requirement is – a single baby step – leading then to few more steps at a time without holding on to anything, walking steadily, and finally running.• Isn’t the each stage is complete/testable in itself.• The requirements evolve as we (the product) evolves, and we commit and do it. © 2012 7
  8. School (K-12) days • At school we still continue in the iterative mode when it comes to studies. – First we read/learn for the monthly portion – We collate all three month’s learning for quarterly exams – Then we continuously expand our knowledge by studying more chapters – We collate 6 month’s learning for doing a half-yearly exam – We add more value by adding another 6 sprints (of 1 month duration) for our final exams. © 2012 8
  9. School days • None of us – studied for final exams from day one. – learnt everything in a single go – Committed to the requirement that is un- manageable by ourselves. – Had a fixed product backlog irrespective of the feedback received from stake holders (teachers and parents) © 2012 9
  10. School days • We continuously – take the requirement that is to be completed as monthly sprints – integrate with our previous sprint work and validate them regularly – follow our own ways to solve the problems that are ahead of us. – move ahead by solving complex problems using simple solutions which might get changed based on added value (knowledge). © 2012 10
  11. Adult hood • As we move into college and adulthood, we follow a similar pattern – in our personal life, – in trying various ways and means to be attractive to the opposite sex – try and impress the one who has impressed us. • We may not always succeed, but we do add our experiences to the knowledge pool • We constantly refactor ourselves to make things work and achieve an agreeable romantic life. • Thus from infancy to adulthood, we take one stage of life at a time, trying to achieve what is required to the best of our ability. © 2012 11
  12. Let’s introspect our career now • As soon as we join the work army, – we stop being Agile. – We want a situation where someone commits a deliverable on our behalf. – we hardwire our brain with a thoughts that • we will follow what our leaders say • they are better people in committing for us. • they will find ways to solve a problem • we don’t need to use all the values that we achieved though all these years. © 2012 12
  13. Time to break the illusion• Are we not following agile in our career progression? © 2012 13
  14. Time to break the illusion• Answer is we do follow AGILE. © 2012 14
  15. Time to break the illusion • None of us – became architect from our freshman year in any software company. Do you remember how hard we worked during our software engineer life to get that senior software engineer role? © 2012 15
  16. Time to break the illusion • We followed agile in our career by – taking one step at a time to achieve our career goals. – Marching ahead by adding new goal once we achieve current goal – adding more value continuously by evolving our knowledge and way of solving a problem. © 2012 16
  17. Time to break the illusion• But we are the same people who are now asking – how can I develop software that has a product backlog that changes constantly – how can I develop product without knowing its full system design. © 2012 17
  18. But I want you to ask yourself aquestion now. © 2012 18
  19. Am I Agile? © 2012 19
  20. Presented By: Albert Arul Prakash albertarulprakash@gmail.comConnect @••••• © 2012 20