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  • Glossary

    1. 1. A I Q YB J R ZC K SD L TE M UF N VG O WH P X
    2. 2. A Aboriginal Means people who first lived in Australia. They are famous for Aboriginal dot painting. TayaAnzac- Anzac- Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand army corps, which was the force that fought in the first world war . By Alex GardnerAustralia- Australia is an island and a country. It is also very hot and it is Where the aborigines live. It is in the southern hemisphere. Ross
    3. 3. Bush: An area of forest desert or scrubland outside the main cities. This world is not used in another country Luke B The brush tailed possum has a long fluffy tail which looks like Brush tailed a hair brush. They live in forests, rocky areas with scatteredpossum eucalyptus trees and suburban habitats. They eat shoots, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds insects and young birds. LucyBillabong A Billabong is the Australian name for a river. EmmaBush tucker Any type of plant or animal from Australia that is eaten as food By ConnorBush walking- Hiking in the bush. SandyBoomerang A tool used to chop fruit of trees nowadays they are mostly sold to tourists as decorations Alastair
    4. 4. Crocodile: C A crocodile is a reptile crocodiles have a extra sea through eyelid to to protect their eyes under the water and eat fish Reilly CYCLONE- A very strong, fierce storm with big winds. By Josh Dung CrowleyCanberra : Is the capital of Australia and its in the south. JoshRainforests- Rainforests have long thick trees that grow. In the rainforest there is amazing Animals like chameleons, snakes and much much more! molly
    5. 5. Didgeridoo: A instrument that is used in aboriginal music and is still used today! It is a long hollow bamboo tube you blow raspberry’s D into it to make a buzzing noise.Jack Dream time - According to Aboriginal beliefs the time when spirits created people, animals and land features. Emma Perkins.Drought When areas of land has little or no rain and the plants there dry up and dies Australia suffers from drought sometimes CallumDessert- The dessert is an extremely hot and dry place that has short bursts of rain once in a while. Sean manning.Dingo: Dingoes are wild dogs that live in Australia they are actually the relatives of pet dogs that travelled with the first people who reach Australia ConnorDarwin- Darwin is a city in the Northern territory of Australia. George
    6. 6. E Emu- A flightless Australian bird with two legs and lays eggs Dillan EdwardsEchidna: The Echidna is a spiky animal much like a hedgehog. The Echidna uses its spines for defence against predators Saskia
    7. 7. F FANG- spiders fang is a long pointed sharp tooth .By Sean
    8. 8. G Great barrier The great barrier reef is the biggest reef in the world andreef: you can see the great barrier reef from out of space By Taya
    9. 9. H Humid- damp on moist place.JoshHarbour A place where ships can shelter . Sydney is a harbour in Australia . By sandy.
    10. 10. I
    11. 11. J JOEY- Joey’s are baby kangaroo’s that hide in there mum’s pouch in there tummy. By Georgianna Thorn.Jumbuck An archaic (old fashioned) Australian word for a sheep (used in the song walzing Matilda. Mr Winter
    12. 12. K Kookaburra Kookaburra’s live in woodlands and open forest’s they eat insects such as invertebrates. JosieKangaroo: A kangaroo is an animal you often find in Australia and it is a marsupial. Jordan
    13. 13. L
    14. 14. M Monotremes A monotreme is a mammal that lays eggs and has extra bones in their shoulder girdle. The monotremes are the only mammal that don’t experence REM sleep.MAMMALS mammals are some animals and people. They are a class of vertebrates {they have a back bone} they have warm blood, hairy bodies; a four chambered heart and have four limbs. By Georgianna Thorn
    15. 15. N Native A plant or animal that was born in, or belongs to, a particular place. Also the native Australian were aborigines EmmaNumbat : A Numbat is a small marsupial, it looks a bit like a small anteater , It has a very long tongue. Rhiannon
    16. 16. O
    17. 17. P  How many people or types of animals that live in aPopulation place/country/continent. E.g the population of Australia is 20,100,000 people. Jack
    18. 18. Q
    19. 19. RRabbit :  Rabbits was introduced when Europeans first settled intoBy Casey-leigh Australia this was a problem because the rabbits spread and ate most of the vegetables so some of the plants and vegetables came kangaroo- The red kangaroo has powerful back legs.Sean.m
    20. 20. Sydney Sydney is located on Australias south-east coastSydney of the Tasman Sea. S The Sydney Opera House has about 1000 rooms,OperaHouse  including five theatres, five rehearsal studios, two main halls, four restaurants, six bars and numerous souvenir shops.Sydney Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel archHarbour bridge, measuring 134 metres (440 ft) from top toBridge water level.Sir joseph Sir Joseph Banks sailed to Australia on the £10,000 tobanks: the expedition when the king only gave £4,000 sir joseph banks job was to claim a island for Europe. By caseySlit drum- Hollowed log with a slit cut in it. ScarlettSurf- Surf means waves breaking on a beach. Alex
    21. 21. TTiddalik: Is a big red frog from an aboriginal story. RobertThorny devil:  The Thorny devil is an Australian reptile. when predators come near it, it can cry blood so predators think it is infected or dead.EmmaTasmanian The Tasmania devil looks evil but really he can be quiteDevil- friendly Molly
    22. 22. UULURU  the aboriginal name for Ayr’s rock and it’s a large rock formation in central Australia. Georgianna Thorn.
    23. 23. V Vegemite: A type of dark, salty spread made from concentrated yeast extract. It is very popular in Australia By Elijah
    24. 24. W Witchetty grubs: A small, white, slug like creature By ReillyWombat: Wombats are marsupials and they are champion diggers. They like habitats were the soil is easy to dig wombats are animals that have soft, cuddly and brown fur. JosieWallaby: An Australian marsupial similar to but smaller than the kangaroo. Morgan
    25. 25. X
    26. 26. Y
    27. 27. Z