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This is an overview slide deck of HighQ Publisher. HighQ Publisher is an advanced publishing and marketing platform designed to make it as easy and efficient as possible to provide tailored content to your clients and transform your know-how and publications into a dynamic platform to promote your business and build deeper relationships with your clients.

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HighQ Publisher - Product overview

  1. 1. HighQ Publisherhighqsolutions.com
  2. 2. IntroductionBen WightwickLead Consultant, HighQ‣ Background in legal, technology and social‣ HighQ is a leading provider of secureenterprise collaboration and publishingplatforms to the legal, banking andgovernment sectors.Photo by Ben Wightwick
  3. 3. HighQGlobal client base‣ Offices in UK, Europe, US, Australia, India‣ 90+ Clients worldwide‣ Legal, financial, government sectors‣ 18 of the top 20 UK law firms
  4. 4. Secure cloud-based solutions‣ HighQ CollaborateUnique combination of secure document exchange andenterprise social collaboration tools‣ HighQ PublisherIntegrated marketing and publishing platform forprofessional services organisations‣ HighQ DataroomHigh performance ad-hoc data room service for legal,financial, life sciences and other sectorsHighQhighqsolutions.com
  5. 5. Some of our clientshighqsolutions.com
  6. 6. HighQ Publisher..highqsolutions.com.. allows the transformation of your currentawareness, know-how and expertise intodynamic digital content within an integratedplatform. Enabling greater engagement withboth internal staff and your clients.
  7. 7. Key benefitshighqsolutions.com‣ Be up and running within months‣ Focus on the content not the technology‣ Integrated content‣ Enhance your competitive advantage‣ Be quick to market with new products‣ Solutions that complement your .com
  8. 8. Digital content building blockshighqsolutions.com‣ Fully branded solution‣ Manage your digital content in one flexiblepublishing platform‣ Personalise your clients experience‣ Create new products instantly‣ Create custom microsites‣ Promote your content
  9. 9. TrendsPhoto by Kevin Dooley‣ Integrated digital campaigns‣ Content in context‣ Client focus‣ Client control - Pull vs Push‣ Buy vs Build‣ Activity, reach, engagement‣ User experience
  10. 10. Integrated digital campaignsPhoto by Ben Wightwick‣ Multiple product types‣ Multiple touch points‣ Manage engagement
  11. 11. ContextPhoto by Ben Wightwick‣ Provide smooth client experiencethrough integrated content‣ Publish content once, re-use many‣ Easily create premium content‣ Be quick to market with new products
  12. 12. Focusing on the clientPhoto by Ben Wightwick‣ Fosters engagement‣ Builds trust‣ Longer and stronger relationships‣ Increase your competitive advantage
  13. 13. Client controlPhoto by Steve Jurvetson‣ Spamming clients is not cool‣ Self service model‣ Alert and site preferences
  14. 14. Build vs buyPhoto by The Planet‣ Reduce costs & time to market‣ Increase flexibility and scalability‣ Glue for consumer web services‣ Enables mobility and connectivity
  15. 15. Activty, reach, engagementPhoto by Phillip Klinger‣ Report on activity‣ Understand reach‣ Measure engagement
  16. 16. Focus on the user experienceImage by Kevin Dooleyhighqsolutions.com
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. Login‣ Complete branding control‣ Bring through RSS feeds‣ Link to other products, sites andservices
  19. 19. Dashboardshighqsolutions.com‣ Personalised aggregation of content‣ Create bespoke dashboards for clients‣ Highlight key industry news‣ Link to products, sites and services
  20. 20. Publicationshighqsolutions.com‣ Upload existing document or createthem inline as web pages‣ Search across all content‣ Filter by fully managed taxonomy‣ Create ‘Hot topics’ for trending news‣ Add favourites for quick access
  21. 21. Videohighqsolutions.com‣ Create video channels‣ Leveraging full streaming software‣ Embed video content anywhere‣ HTML5 playback for iPhones, iPads
  22. 22. Eventshighqsolutions.com‣ Complete corporate event system‣ One click registration‣ Provide internal or external products‣ Set event capacities and managewaiting lists
  23. 23. Micrositeshighqsolutions.com‣ Self contained sites‣ Own branding and url‣ Create templates for re-use of designs‣ Full access to edit content pages andCSS‣ Public or restricted access
  24. 24. Event Micrositeshighqsolutions.com‣ Capture of custom registration data‣ Get detailed statistics on registrations‣ Create individual workshops or sessions
  25. 25. Bespoke knowledge productshighqsolutions.com‣ Create data driven knowledge products‣ Jurisdictional comparison tool‣ Flexible permissioning model‣ Integrated content
  26. 26. Email Marketinghighqsolutions.com‣ Create sophisticated email campaigns‣ Create many customised templates‣ Send newsletters with integrated content‣ Intergrated with leading legal CRM solution‣ Manage unsubscribers, bounce backs andopt-outs
  27. 27. Administration and content creationhighqsolutions.com‣ Multi-layered permissioning model‣ Manage your metdata and taxonomy‣ Create bespoke dashboards for clients‣ Publish content to multiple productsand systems‣ Editor and approval workflow‣ Full system audits
  28. 28. What’s next?highqsolutions.com
  29. 29. Responsive web designhighqsolutions.com‣ Platform that adapts to device‣ Provides an optimal experienceon desktop, tablet and mobile‣ Can reduce need for native apps‣ Builds on “mobile first” strategy
  30. 30. SocialImage by Kevin Dooleyhighqsolutions.com‣ Leverage social networking‣ Extend the reach of your content‣ Bring in content from social into the platform‣ The best of consumer and enterprise
  31. 31. HighQ Publisher allows you to..Focus on your clients by focusing moreon the content and less on thetechnology.Photo by Ben Wightwick
  32. 32. Questionsinfo@highqsolutions.com@BenWightwickhttp://www.slideshare.net/benwightwick