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  • A little bit mysterious: you may not know what community means (it’s something that’s still being developed so this is my takeon it)
  • What is community? Engagement, interaction, what’s my job? Basically to encourage old fashioned pub talk in the comments. People reading the same article and talking about it. Replicating that experience in as natural way as possible.
  • This has wider scope because it has a big impact on one of the two big digital metrics – keeping subs/new subs. Engaged customers don’t leave - 1 comment or more = less likely to cancel their subscription
  • It’s something that other businesses are putting a lot of money into. Went to conference yesterday where Jeff Dodds (executive director of brand and marketing) explained how Virgin Media want to fix leaky bucket – Usain Bolt/double broadband – not selling anything. Quality of service
  • So how do you engage them then? Through experience.Apple buying experience, entrance hall of Manhattan store and it feels different. – as important as the product e.g. holiday memories. And what’s more they tell their friends.
  • So why am I telling you this? You might think it doesn’t apply to you. Actually it applies to everyone. Customer services, sales journey. On editorial, our version of Apple’s store manner is our comments. And paywall provides huge opportunity.
  • Benefits over other media orgs - our competitive advantage – an loyal active community of intelligent people (journalists and users) why I came to the company. Delingpole – 2000 comments on blog about warmists, guardian do it well community co-ordinators like our moderators but volume makes it hard to sift Dr Ben GoldacreWhat happens at The Times?ModeratorsYouCustomer servicenot authoritarianThey know as much as us My role is to think like a customer and represent them to business
  • Comments up, letters thinking about putting intelligent comments on page , stories elicited,
  • Success as a result of journalists getting involved - elicited this wonderful response from a subscriber.
  • Digital takeaway talk

    1. 1. The Times’ walled garden: The benefits of a closed community
    2. 2. An oldfashioned idea Photo courtesy of Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-77224-0001 / CC-BY-SA via Wikimedia
    3. 3. Engaged customers don’t leavePhoto courtesy of ilovebutter via Flickr
    4. 4. Keeping subscribers is easier than attracting new onesPhoto courtesy of Virgin Media Press Office
    5. 5. Photo courtesy of Marlith via Wikimedia Make theexperience special
    6. 6. An opportunity Photo courtesy of Peter23 via Wikimedia
    7. 7. Our competitive advantage
    8. 8. Don’t believe me?