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Lauren Cunfer--The american dream


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Created during summer 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Lauren Cunfer--The american dream

  1. 1. The American Dream By: Lauren Cunfer
  2. 2. I am using the poems “I, Too” and “The New Colossus” to show the difference of howthe people in them are being treated. In “The New Colossus” it is telling people fromother countries who are mistreated to come to America because that will change. But, in“I, Too” the “darker brother” is sent to eat in the kitchen and he isn’t treated fairly.
  3. 3. In “The New Colossus” it says “Give meyour tired, your poor, your huddled massesyearning to breathe free, the wretchedrefuse of your teeming shore. Send these,the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift mylamp beside the golden door!”
  4. 4. It is basically saying anybody that is not beingtreated fairly or is not wanted, come to Americaand you will be treated equally. So, in this poemit is saying that the American Dream is to not belower than everybody else.
  5. 5. In “I, Too” it says “I am the darkerbrother, They send me to eat in the kitchen”.
  6. 6. So, because he is black he is not beingtreated as fairly as the white people andso his American Dream is to someday eatat the table when company comes insteadof being sent to the kitchen to eat.
  7. 7. These two poems have two different perspectives of howAmerica is, but both have the same American Dreamwhich is to be treated equally and fairly. In “The NewColossus” America is a welcoming country willing to letanybody in, but in “I, Too” America is not treating AfricanAmericans fairly and is not welcoming to them. “The NewColossus” gets its point across by using the quote I haveput in the third slide and “I, Too” gets its point across bythe quote that I have put in the fifth slide.
  8. 8. I think of the American Dream as being treatedfairly and being able to do what ever you wantwith your life. So, I think that the poem “The NewColossus” relates to my idea of the AmericanDream rather than “I, Too”. Although “I, Too” ismore realistic to real life because not everybody isalways treated fairly.