cat population and cat owner trends


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ReportsnReports adds a report on veterinarians "Cat Population and Cat Owner Trends " a Packaged Facts report to its store.

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cat population and cat owner trends

  1. 1. Pet Industry | Cat Population and Cat OwnerTrendsAt the heart of U.S. pet industry (everything from veterinarians to pet couture) is the yin and yang of themarket’s two major animal segments—cats and dogs.In this all-new report, Cat Population and Cat Owner Trends, Packaged Facts focuses on the populationof pet cats, cat owner demographics, and cat owner psychographics in the U.S. market. The report offersa present-day and historical analysis of cat owners, examining trends in this cohorts financial,household, regional, ethnic, and generational composition, as well as cat owner attitudes aboutadvertising, the environment, health, and the internet.Research MethodologyThe research in this report is based on Packaged Facts’ ongoing coverage of the pet market, aproprietary Packaged Facts online survey conducted in February-March 2012 (with a sample of 2000,including 620 cat owners), and customized cross tabulations of Experian Simmons national consumersurvey data from 2006-2011. Additional information was gathered from various government, business,and trade media.Get Your Copy of Report @ Details:Published: April 2012No. of Pages: 70Price: Single User License – US$2000 Corporate User License – US$4000Cat Owner DemographicsAge Bracket BreakdownsTable 3-1: Cat Ownership Rates by Age Bracket: 2006-2011 (percent of U.S. households)Table 3-2: Cat Ownership Rates by 5-Year Age Brackets, 2011 (index and percent of U.S. households)Generational Cohort TrendsImpact of Boomers and Graying PopulationTable 3-3: Household Penetration Rates by Generational Cohort: Pets Overall vs. Cats, 2011 (percent ofU.S. households)Table 3-4: Household Populations by Generational Cohort: Pets Overall vs. Cats, 2011 (number of U.S.
  2. 2. households in millions)Table 3-5: Indexes by Generational Cohort: Pets Overall vs. Cats, 2011 (U.S. households)Table 3-6: Indexes for Cat or Dog Ownership: By Age Cohort, 2006 vs. 2011 (U.S. households)Role of Gen Xers and Gen YsPatterns by Household CompositionBalance Continues to Shift to Households Without KidsEffects of the Recession on Pet ParentingFigure 3-1: Cat Ownership Rates by Household Composition: No-Kids Households vs. Kids Households,2006-2011 (percent)Households with Children Important to Market’s FutureTable 3-7: Cat Ownership Rates by Household Composition, 2006-2011 (percent)Table 3-8: Share of Total Cat Owners by Household Composition, 2006-2011 (percent)Dog vs. Cat Ownership Rates by Household CompositionPatterns by Race/EthnicityTable 3-9: Change in Pet Market Consumer Base: White Non-Hispanics vs. Minorities, 2006 vs. 2011(number and percent of U.S. cat- or dog-owning households)Table 3-11: Cat Ownership Trends by Race/Ethnicity, 2006-2011 (percent and number of U.S. dog- orcat-owning households)Figure 3-2: Dog or Cat Ownership by Hispanic Households, 2006 versus 2011 (index)The Challenge of Lower Minority Pet Ownership RatesLatino Cat Owners in the SpotlightTable 3-11: Projected Population Growth, Hispanics vs. Other Population Segments, 2010-2015 (inthousands)Table 3-12: Projected Population Growth, Hispanics vs. Other Population Segments, 2010-2050 (inthousands)Geographical PatternsWhere Cat Owners LiveGet more reports of Packaged Facts @, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252.+ 1 888 391 5441sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: