MRO: Global Mobile Broadband Market Insights and Statistics


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MRO: Global Mobile Broadband Market Insights and Statistics

  1. 1. Complete Report @ Global Mobile Broadband - Insights and Statistics for a Game Changing Industry This annual report offers a wealth of information on the global mobile broadband sector and is a valuable resource of insights, examples and trends. It provides important insights into trends such as LTE deployment, WiFi growth, VoLTE and Mobile VoIP and mobile broadband apps. Supported by key statistics, and cases studies - it also includes unique insights into regional developments. Subjects covered include: • Key global mobile broadband industry trends; • Key global mobile broadband industry statistics; • Insights and statistics on the fast growing LTE sector; • Insights and statistics on VoLTE and Mobile VoIP • Insights and statistics into the growing importance of WiFi; • Insights and statistics into mobile broadband apps and entertainment services; • Regional overviews for North America, Europe, Latin America; Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Mobile broadband – the key growth area for global telecoms industry The ongoing improvements in infrastructure have driven the continuing uptake of mobility and broadband around the world and in 2014 mobile broadband is the fastest growth area overall for the global telecoms sector. But increased usage has caused data traffic jams on the 3G networks because this infrastructure cannot cope with the rapid increase in traffic over the last couple of years.
  2. 2. Complete Report @ Global Mobile Broadband - Insights and Statistics for a Game Changing Industry The release of 4G/LTE mobile broadband will certainly ease the issue in the short term and anticipation of this growing demand has resulted in LTE becoming the fastest developing mobile technology to date. The global mobile industry has been busy developing amazing applications and services for smart phones and devices over the past few years - but it is important to remember that if the infrastructure cannot handle the capacity then this market will quickly stall. The developed markets are already eating up new spectrum with a voracious appetite and it is expected that the current new spectrum allocations for LTE will start to run out in 3-5 years’ time - and at this stage there is no clear technical solution ahead for the industry. Many see heterogeneous infrastructure as the way forward– in other words, a conglomeration of technology all tied together – and while this will work; the overall quality and reliability of the network is bound to suffer. The interest in the VoLTE market is expected to accelerate as LTE networks become more mass market. Cellular operators in the US have gone to great lengths to expand LTE availability across the country. As a result, the US will become a key market for VoLTE services in coming years, with operators and consumers alike benefiting from the scale of LTE and LTE-A network footprints. In South Korea in 2013, KT reported that it was also making significant progress in expanding the coverage of its LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network.
  3. 3. Complete Report @ Global Mobile Broadband - Insights and Statistics for a Game Changing Industry Examples of key insights: • LTE development continues apace and there is no doubt that LTE is going to take a prime position in broadband developments. With competitively priced services, innovative smartphones and an increasing range of very innovative apps this market is set to continue to boom. Japan, South Korea, USA and Scandinavia are just some of the leading markets in terms of LTE. • Voice-Over LTE (VoLTE) is an emerging service on LTE networks, particularly in the USA and South Korea. • Mobile VoIP is becoming a key area of focus, particularly in Europe and North America. • Smartphone users want faster, more ubiquitous and reliable connectivity, while operators are looking to squeeze every last bit of capacity out of their cellular networks. As a result, smarter WiFi is needed so that it can take on a more strategic role as part of the overall mobile network infrastructure. Ultimately users simply want the fastest and most reliable wireless connection they can get. • The boom in Wi-Fi is also resulting in a growing WiFi carrier equipment market. • In 2014 there are over 2 million apps available from Google Play and Apple app store combined. • The take up of 4G/LTE services has been surging in the leading markets of Asia. • Mobile operators in the Middle East are improving the region's connectivity, upgrading existing networks with HSPA/LTE technology and utilising well developed product distribution channels, customer base and brand to successfully sell mobile broadband access services, content and applications. • The strong growth in mobile broadband data in Europe has been driven by flat rate pricing and the wider availability of HSPA and LTE technologies for consumers.
  4. 4. Global Mobile Broadband - Insights and Statistics for a Game Changing Industry Major points from Table of Contents : Mobile Broadband Insights and Statistics, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and VoLTE Insights and Statistics, Wi-Fi Insights and Statistics, VoIP Insights and Statistics, Apps Insights and Statistics, Regional Overviews, List of Tables, List of Charts & List of Exhibits Related Reports on IT & Telecommunication Market: Australia - E-Health, E-Education, E-Government @ Dominican Republic - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts @ About Us: MarketReportsOnline comprises of an online library of 2,50,000 reports and in-depth market research studies of over 5000+ micro markets. We provide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market research reports. For Fax Order Request Form Click Here