Global led and oled markets


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Global led and oled markets

  1. 1. Global LED and OLED Markets Published : January 2013 No. of Pages: 184 Price: Single User: US$3960 Corporate User: US$7500
  2. 2. New market research Report on “LED and OLED Global Markets, 2nd Edition” added to ReportsnReports.comThis research report presents an in-depth analysis of the development, performance,applications, products, manufacturers, and trends in the worldwide use of light emittingdiodes (LEDs) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). LEDs are now widely used inmobile electronics, flat panel televisions, traffic signals, automotive lights and signals, andgeneral illumination among many other applications. OLEDs are not as common and aretypically used for small electronic displays. However, they have all but taken over thedisplay market for smart phones, displacing LEDs as they do so. Significant strides havebeen made in LED and OLED manufacturing, performance, and product applications overthe past five years and both technologies are now poised to revolutionize the lighting andelectronics industry with their long-lifetimes and an energy-efficient operation.This report contains a comprehensive analysis of the current market for LED and OLEDtechnologies as well as projections for market size and end-use application growth through2022. Marketing concerns including cost, energy demand, environmental impacts,economic conditions, consumer acceptance, intellectual property rights, and governmentactivities are discussed in detail. The report also profiles major manufacturers andmarketers of LEDs and OLEDs and the strategies they have adopted to maximize growthand profitability.Inquire for Discount on this report @
  3. 3. LED, OLEDs Development, Performance,Applications, Products, Manufacturers, TrendsThe information in the report is based on both primary and secondary research. Secondaryresearch data have been obtained from the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. EnergyInformation Administration, and various other agencies of the United States Government;LED and OLED lighting, and energy-related associations in the United States and othercountries; the International Energy Agency; merchants, product designers, and civilengineers; trade associations, business journals, company literature, and various internetwebsites. Primary research information was derived from interviews with experts inLED/OLED research, product development, sales, and marketing as well as survey datafrom Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB). Statistical data are provided for industryrevenue on a global, regional, and country basis. Historical data are provided for the years2008 to 2012, with projections through 2022. The base year for the report is 2012. Demandin each of the following product application sectors is analyzed in terms of overall revenueand growth, both for business and consumer uses:Automotive ApplicationsDisplay Backlighting ApplicationsMobile ApplicationsSignals and Signage ApplicationsGeneral Illumination ApplicationsOther ApplicationsRequest a Sample of this report @
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