China PV Power System Industry 2013


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China PV Power System Industry 2013

  1. 1. 2013 China PV Power System IndustryThe report describes the background knowledge of PV Power System, including Concepts Classificationsolar energy resource and utilization grid off grid PV Power System and related technologies analysis etc;then statistics China 23 operators PV Power System installed capacity grid installed capacity grid pricepower cost system cost power revenue profit margin and other relevant data, statistics theseenterprises PV Power System samples, company background information, then summary statistics andanalysis the relevant data on these enterprises. The report got China PV Power System installed capacitymarket share, China PV Power demand supply and shortage,China PV Power System 2009-2017 installedcapacity grid installed capacity power price cost profit power revenue profit margin, etc. At the sametime, the report analyzed and discussed supply and demand changes in PV Power market and businessdevelopment strategies, conduct a comprehensive analysis on China PV Power industry trends. Finally,the report also introduced 10MW PV Power System project investment return analysis and relatedresearch conclusions. In a word, It was a depth research report on China PV Power System operatorindustry.Get complete report @ Details:Published: June 2013No. of Pages: 159Price: Single User License: US$2000 Corporate User License: US$4000Table of Contents:Chapter Three PV Power Generation Principle and Grid Connection3.1 PV Power Generation Principle 183.1.1 Semiconductor Photoelectric Effect 183.1.2 Solar Cell Power Generation Principle 193.2 PV Circuit Profile 193.3 PV Power System Classification and Grid Connection 213.4 PV Power System Grid Connection Technology Analysis 243.4.1 Active Power Regulation Technology 243.4.2 Reactive Power Compensation Technology 243.4.3 Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Technology 253.4.4 Middle or High Voltage Direct Grid Connection Technology 263.4.5 Energy Storage Technology 26
  2. 2. 3.4.6 Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) Technology 273.4.7 Island Effect 283.5 Grid Connection Requirement 293.6 Power Generation Calculation and Influence Factor 293.6.1 Calculation Formula 293.6.2 Influence Factor 30Chapter Four China PV Power Market Analysis4.1 China PV Power Installation 314.2 PV Power System Industry Chain Overview 324.3 China PV Power Industry Structure 344.4 China PV Power Market Development Trend 354.5 China PV Power Development Policy 36Chapter Five China PV Power System Installed Capacity Statistics5.1 2009-2017 China PV Power System Installed Capacity Overview 385.2 China 23 Operators Grid PV Power System Power Generation Overview 455.3 Ground Building PV Power Installed Capacity Statistics 505.4 2009-2017 PV Power Supply Demand and Shortage 515.5 2009-2017 China PV Power System Installed Capacity Grid Installed Capacity Power Generation GridPrice Cost Profit Margin 515.6 PV Power System Projects Operator EPC Information List 52Request a Sample of this report @ for more details.