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#Uo bbank is the only #bank listed on #google maps #singapore search suggestions


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#Uo bbank is the only #bank listed on #google maps #singapore search suggestions

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  2. 2. #GoogleMaps., #Singapore., #UOBbank., Notice the indication of #UOBbank., #ATMmachines., location in the search suggestion?  Through a simple search in #GoogleMaps., the search suggestion for the train station "#ClarkeQuay., " pops out "UOB-ATM Clarke Quay Station" as part of its search suggestions. . It seems that #UOBbank., is the bank with the foresight to reach to the technologically savvy users by tapping into #GoogleMaps., For the average person: location and accessibility of #ATMmachines., are one of the key factors for opening an account with the Bank. This opportunity for Brand visibility resulted in the deciding reason in which the customer would choose #UOBbank.,  Imagine the number of brand's reputation building opportunities which could result in new customers (purchase of #bank's products over customers lifetime = how much revenue into management bonus?) that are gained since the inception of Google Maps. Does other banks have their #ATMmachines., listed in the search suggestions as per #UOBbank.,? Answer: No. Imagine how many potential opportunities are presented if #UOBbank.,  gets listed in #GoogleMaps., search suggestion for key shopping centres. Great work #UOBbank.,!