Redesigned #train platform signs


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Redesigned #train platform signs

  1. 1. How do passengers easily differentiate between the #TrainStationName sign versus the sign indicating the #TrainDirection at the #TrainStation platform? Before Redesign as of year 2013:
  2. 2. Passengers have to waste time to be distracted in order to read, observe, interpret, and understand the sign due to the additional redundant information from the signs that look the same from this vantage point. 1.Noticed that the "#TrainStationName" and the "#TrainDirection" sign  are of thesame color, same font size, and same font type. 2.When you alight the #SingaporeTrain or from within the #SingaporeTrain, how easy would it be for the passenger to determine which station name or train direction he or he is currently at; when every sign looks the same? 3.#SingaporeTrainsManagement who are resistant to change; costs would affect bonus would say that there are electronic information-directories inside the train together with voice announcement. 4.Would that reflect the waste of company funds to install the train station name/direction signs along the entire platform at every single station in Singapore? Does this shows poor planning? > Answer: Perhaps. 5.If there is a need for the signs to be installed along the platform, would it be so expensive to hire talented designers to create ergonomic signs along the platform? This cost money and affect management bonus thus there would be other reasons to avoid change. 6.Feedback has been escalated to #LandTransportAuthority (LTA). Received reply from principal manager - Ms Salmah Bte Buang (LTA) that they would be improving this for # DowntownLineStations. If well received, they would be implementing for the entire #SingaporeMRTsystem. Email dated 17 Oct 2012. 7.I am glad a few hours of my time, the effort to think through and courage to send an email to the authorities bring convenience and time-savings (translated to productivity or rich and powerful bosses) to the people of Singapore for the foreseeable lifespan of the #SingaporeMRTtrainSsystem (100 years or more?) 8.Benefits of this feedback being implemented (discontent is the mother of all invention / growth): •Good performance indicator for Ms Salmah Bte Buang (LTA) •New project = additional revenue for designers •More work required for management = justification for their value to LTA •Convenience and time savings to passengers (even for 1 seconds of quicker recognition of train station name, multiply by millions of passengers per day; projected over the ife span of Singapore's train system (100 years or destruction of Singapore due to natural catastrophe)? How much time savingswould that be for you, your children, your grandchildren and future generations of Singapore? After Redesign: #MyImplementedSuggestions., #MySuggestionForImprovements., #signs., #Singapore.,#SMRTtrainsSingapore., #trains.,  #transportation.
  3. 3. Beautifully designed. Simple Ergonomic Good color contrast unlike circle line's light yellow background with white font Less clutter Good color choice that is smoothing to the eye Right Font Size Modern Color Shared to: - Land Transport Authority SBStransit SMRT Linkedin - Marketing-Marketers | Mystery-Shoppers | Market-Researchers Facebook - Miigle Facebook REACH (Active Citzenry Feedback website) SG Club Forum Slideshare Twitter YELP Yahoo Answers Pinterest -