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Inconspicous design of #uo bbank., #nameboard


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Inconspicous design of #uo bbank., #nameboard

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  2. 2. #Singapore., #UOBbank., Can you see the #UOBbank., name and its equivalent mandarin translation of the name in black font from this vantage point? Answer: Not clearly. What could be able better design for the design of future bank branches and for posteritypurposes? Answer: Engage a quality designer. If you cannot manage your property well, can i trust you to manage my money? Answer: I would trust you with my money, i am unsure of other people's thinking. How many employees noticed this and did not voice out for fear of losing their jobs? Answer: At least one employee or management should have noticed this. Are they really concerned for the company's image or for themselves? Answer: They are concerned for themselves.   #bank., #MySuggestionForImprovements., #nameboard., #Singapore., #UOBbankSingapore.