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Effective marketing campaign if #fashion models are spread out


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Published in: Design
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Effective marketing campaign if #fashion models are spread out

  1. 1. #Singapore., #RafflesPlaceMRTstation., How do you manage #FashionModels in order to impress customers and drive profits to increase management bonus? Would it leave a better impression on the potential customers if the #FashionModels arespread out? Answer: Yes. It would be ideal if the #FashionModels at the front row (not standing on the seats) arenot obstructing part of the designer clothing on the #FashionModels standing at the back. What lessons can we learn from this observation for a better marketing strategy in future? Answer: Variety could be added by having the #FashionModels spread out and having some of them sitting down and standing up in different poses. Shared with Frasers Centrepoint Malls Facebook Scape Facebook H & M Facebook Abercrombie & Fitch Facebook Ion Orchard Facebook Chadstone Facebook Myer Facebook Northland Shopping Centre Facebook