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Cons of learning more than one #language


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Cons of learning more than one #language

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Why not learn one business #language instead of two #languages and use the five years time advantage to outwit your competitors? Cons: Rule 1 From Birth to Graduation from University, each baby given the same amount of talent(geniuses excluded) has the same number of years to learn the 20,000 concepts to compete for example, a graduate position with #Google. Rule 2 Time is Precious and ALL men and women have only 24 hours each day. Scenario 1 If baby A learns more than one language, he/she would be taking time out of learning more concepts or time from rest, play, and/or family time; to learn different pronunciation of the same concepts that he/she had learnt. Question 1 Unless baby A is interviewing for a translator or linguist professor position, would the hiring manager (of 60% of the jobs in the world) view fluency in more than one language as a influencing hiring factor, or a minor degree in for example Law or whichevertechnical skills that the hiring manager needs?
  3. 3. Conclusion Interviewee A knows 2 languages and 20,000 concepts and technical skills for the Job. Interviewee B knows 1 language (which 60% of the company in the world recognize as the business language [social factors aside]) and equipped with 30,000 concepts and technical skills for the Job. All other factors being equal. If you are the hiring manager for 60% of the Jobs in the world, which candidate would you realistically hire? Answer: I would hire Interviewee B as i feel he/she is the best fit for the job and would be able to come up with new and original ideas related to the industry. What is the ratio of the richest, most powerful, and intelligent people in the world that speaks only one language compared to the vast majority of others that speaks two languages or more? Answer: Studies could be done.