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Tribe project


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Developing the discussion for a Community Framework for Token Economies

Published in: Investor Relations
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Tribe project

  1. 1. The Tribe Project
  2. 2. Team Bio • Ben Tossell, Led Community at Product Hunt (Acq by AngelList) • Multiple crypto-projects launched for the community; • • •
  3. 3. What you do “Provide products, tools and services for companies using Blockchain technology in order to help build meaningful communities.”
  4. 4. Problem Definition • Blockchain companies are using the old-age of marketing and community; hype marketing, celebrity endorsements, social media shouting, large forums, IRC and more. • Tokenizing turns every company into a community. • Its in the best interest of the projects to ensure the community is filled with engaged members who are all aligned. Not just retail investors who are only aligned in trying to make money. • “The key benefit of tokens is to align incentives among participants of the ecosystem. It’s a positive-sum game among the tribe of token holders. “— Trent McConaghy
  5. 5. How do you solve the problem? • Create a Network entity that focuses on building products, tools and services to help Blockchain companies build, grow and maintain an engaged community of users. • The products, tools and services built will be decentralized in nature. All members of the network will be stakeholders. Aligning incentives among the participants of the ecosystem.
  6. 6. Market Sizing • Around 30 ICOs launch per week. Around 50% are unsuccessful. • Almost all projects have not developed a proper community. Instead they spray and pray using old-school techniques trying to raise money. • Oct 2nd Nr of completed ICO's (wk/mo/ytd): 20 / 58 / 240 USD Raised (wk/mo/ytd): $131M / $681M / $2.65B Calendar: 38 ICOs this week
  7. 7. Competition • district0x Network • ConsenSyS
  8. 8. Roadmap • Launch Tribe Project - setting industry standard & blueprint for community building • Onboard community to Tribe Network • Set up entity. Governance by Aragon. • Nurture and encourage collaborative products, tools and services to be built for the network • HumanBlockchain - Human tasks for Blockchain companies • GrowthTokens - Tokenize companies for growth • Whitepaper Review • Partnerships. Governance, Token Ethics, SAFT, Transparency