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  1. 1. Rodrigo RamosTechnologyPeriod 7ALL ABOUT ME
  2. 2. Me!!I was born on November 2, 1997.My favorite thing to do is play the guitar!Second favorite thing to do is light show!Also, I like to play video games.Favorite kind of video games are war games that involve wars like the Cold War and others to.
  3. 3. Favorite Foods!
  4. 4. My Hobbies My favorite hobbies  Also, I like to light are to play the guitar. show!
  5. 5. Favorite Animals
  6. 6. Favorite Drinks
  7. 7. My Family
  8. 8. School ActivitiesSchool Activities Technology Item My favorite school  My favorite technology activities are P.E item is the goal of reaching Guitar Class 40 words per min. Also, the Friday games. Also, I like Language Arts
  9. 9. Resources Dr. Pepper logo by Fanpop. Com Pepsi logo by Wallpapers. Free- Review. Net Sprite logo by Nairaland .com Water logo by Osawaterworks. Com Guitar logo by Gceguitars. Blogspot. Com Light show logo by Cgi. In an out logo by Resturantdiningcritics. Com Taco Bell logo by German Shepherd image by Pet Little. Com Chinese Food logo by Fatlossschool. Com Taco logo by Wopbopaloobopalopbamboom.