Review chapter 15 the americas


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Review chapter 15 the americas

  1. 1. 1. The first people in the Americas settled in permanent villages once they ____________<br /> A) crossed the Bering Strait.<br /> B) began planting seeds for crops.<br /> C) invented axes and digging sticks.<br /> D) got to South America.<br /> See page 375 to review this fact.<br /> <br /> 2.Cultural differentiation occurs when ____________<br /> A) people with a common culture settle in different regions.<br /> B) groups of people speak different languages and cannot communicate.<br /> C) one group borrows customs from another nearby group.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 3.Whether an early people hunted, fished, or farmed for food depended mainly on ____________<br /> A) what their religious leaders told them to do.<br /> B) what skills they brought with them.<br /> C) the local geography and natural resources.<br /> D) how many people were in the group.<br /> See page 375 to review this fact.<br /> <br /> 4.The large earthen mounds of the Mound Builders in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys may have been ____________<br /> A) the roofs of houses.<br /> B) ceremonial centers or tombs.<br /> C) totems honoring animal spirits.<br /> D) meeting places for potlatches.<br /> See page 378 to review the Mound Builders.<br /> <br /> 5.Which statement is not true of the Maya?<br /> A) They were unified in one empire.<br /> B) They developed a writing system.<br /> C) They constructed huge pyramids.<br /> D) They believed in an Otherworld.<br /> 6.The giant pyramids of the Maya were ____________<br /> A) gathering places for thousands of people.<br /> B) symbolically sacred mountains.<br /> C) the sites of religious ceremonies and festivals.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> See page 380 to review the giant pyramids.<br /> <br /> 7.The Maya's beliefs were similar to the ancient Greeks's in that both ____________<br /> A) used three symbols to represent numbers.<br /> B) did slash-and-burn farming.<br /> C) believed the gods controlled nature.<br /> D) followed the same calendar.<br /> See page 381 to review this fact.<br /> <br /> 8.The chinampas built by the Aztecs in Tenochtitl?n were ____________<br /> A) the places where prisoners were sacrificed.<br /> B) artificial islands for farming.<br /> C) grain storehouses.<br /> D) marketplaces.<br /> See page 388 to review chinampas.<br /> <br /> 9.The human sacrifices of the Aztecs ____________<br /> A) were intended to please the gods.<br /> B) included prisoners of war, criminals, and debtors.<br /> C) supposedly prevented natural disasters.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> See page 389 to review this fact.<br /> <br /> 10.Of the following, which were not developed by the Incas?<br /> A) a common imperial language<br /> B) irrigation systems<br /> C) a writing system<br /> D) terraced farming<br /> See page 390 to review this fact.<br />