Chapter 35 the middle east


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Chapter 35 the middle east

  1. 1. Chapter 35 The Middle East<br /> 1. What did the British do as hostilities between Jewish forces and Arabs increased in Palestine?<br /> A) They formed a military force called the Haganah to keep the peace.<br /> B) They turned the area over to the United Nations.<br /> C) They helped form the Arab League.<br /> D) They established the state of Israel.<br /> 2. Gamal Abdel Nasser wanted to ____________<br /> A) modernize Egypt.<br /> B) become leader of the unified Arab world.<br /> C) build up his military in order to confront Israel.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 3. The Suez crisis was set in motion by ____________<br /> A) an Israeli attack on the canal.<br /> B) Egypt's nationalizing the canal.<br /> C) the building of the Aswan High Dam.<br /> D) the forced withdrawal of the British.<br /> 4. Why did King Hussein I of Jordan ask for British and American help?<br /> A) He feared assassination by radical forces.<br /> B) Israel had massed troops on his border.<br /> C) He felt pressured by pro-Nasser nationalism.<br /> D) He felt pressured by the Soviet Union.<br /> 5. In the Six-Day War, Israeli forces ____________<br /> A) responded to Nasser's closing the Gulf of Aqaba to Israel.<br /> B) tripled Israel's land holdings.<br /> C) destroyed most of Egypt's warplanes.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 6. The Arab oil embargo in 1973 was ____________<br /> A) in response to United States support of Israel.<br /> B) ended only after Egypt's President Sadat went to Israel.<br /> C) not really a threat to the world's economies.<br /> D) in response to extremely low oil prices.<br /> 7. The 1979 revolution in Iran resulted in ____________<br /> A) the overthrow of the shah.<br /> B) the creation of an Islamic republic.<br /> C) violent anti-American actions.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 8. The Persian Gulf War was between ____________<br /> A) Iraq and Iran.<br /> B) U.S.-led forces and Iran.<br /> C) U.S.-led forces and Iraq.<br /> D) government forces and Iraqi Kurds.<br /> 9. The relationship between Israel and the Arab world ____________<br /> A) improved following the election of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.<br /> B) led to the formation of the Arab League.<br /> C) is still unsettled at the turn of the century.<br /> D) is one of peace and stability.<br /> 10. Religious fundamentalism ____________<br /> A) is unique to Islam.<br /> B) has occurred worldwide.<br /> C) is generally nonviolent.<br /> D) encourages liberal politics.<br />