Chapter 14 quiz<br />East and South Asia<br />Names: <br />INSTRUCTIONS: Select the correct answer and next to it, write t...
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Chapter 14 quiz


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Chapter 14 quiz

  1. 1. Chapter 14 quiz<br />East and South Asia<br />Names: <br />INSTRUCTIONS: Select the correct answer and next to it, write the page number where you found it.<br />1. How did Genghis Khan earn that name, which means " universal ruler" ?<br /> A) He made the Mongols the most skilled fighting force in the world.<br /> B) He organized the Mongols into clans under separate leaders.<br /> C) He was able to develop a well-organized government to rule.<br /> D) He destroyed cities and killed many people in the Middle East.<br /> 2. Timur Lenk, or Tamerlane, ____________<br /> A) claimed descent from Genghis Khan.<br />B) united the Turkish-Mongols by conquest.<br /> C) was buried in Samarkand.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 3. The construction of roads and waterways during the Tang dynasty ____________<br /> A) enabled Chinese merchants to increase trade.<br /> B) helped the spread of Buddhism in China.<br /> C) led to greater crop yields for Chinese farmers.<br /> D) attracted acrobats, jugglers, and dancers to the cities.<br /> 4. During the Song dynasty the economy was helped by ____________<br /> A) the growth of the mandarin class.<br /> B) public-works projects such as irrigation ditches and canals.<br /> C) government-sponsored building of luxury homes.<br /> D) all of the above<br />5. Kublai Khan was responsible for ____________<br /> A) having invited Marco Polo to visit China.<br /> B) establishing the Yuan dynasty in China.<br /> C) conquering Korea and part of Southeast Asia.<br /> D) encouraging the invention of fireworks.<br />6. Which country is not included in the region known as Southeast Asia?<br /> A) Thailand<br /> B) Vietnam<br /> C) Japan<br /> D) Indonesia<br />7. Angkor Wat was built ____________<br /> A) to honor the god-king Suryavarman II.<br /> B) in the Hindu-Buddhist Khmer Empire.<br /> C) by adapting Indian building techniques.<br /> D) all of the above<br />8. The adoption of Confucianism in Korea ____________<br />A) replaced shamanism.<br />B) led to a much lower standing for women.<br /> C) introduced Chinese knowledge of arts and sciences.<br /> D) all of the above<br />9. The early inhabitants of Japan ____________<br /> A) fought on horseback.<br /> B) lacked iron and bronze weapons.<br /> C) had their own warrior-emperor.<br /> D) all of the above<br /> 10.The Tale of Genji ____________<br /> A) introduced Buddhism to Japan.<br /> B) told the true story of a powerful samurai.<br />C) may have been the world's first novel.<br /> D) was written by an anonymous man.<br />