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Andrea`s Portfolio

  1. 1. Andrea Zuccaro Argentina
  2. 2.  Introduction  Goals  Seminars ◦ Reflective Practice ◦ Educational Leadership ◦ ESL Research Methods & Assessment ◦ Intensive Technology Training ◦ US Culture  Internship ◦ Internship Goals  Personal Experience  Afterword
  3. 3. My name is Andrea Zuccaro and I am an EFL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina . I graduated as and English teacher in 1992 and later on I got a degree in Educational Management. This portfolio is a compilation of my academic and personal experiences as a TEA fellow at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, during the fall 2009. Back to content
  4. 4. My goals for participating in the program are related to both the professional and the personal areas:  To explore new teaching and learning strategies especially those related to cooperative learning.  To learn more about differentiated instruction and share the new insights with my colleagues upon my return.  To experience personal growth through the interaction with people from the US and other cultures. Back to content
  5. 5. This seminar , conducted by Dr. Steeley , helped us to reflect on our practices and our experiences both at the University and our internship schools. It also focused on the development of our sense of agency to be able to apply and disseminate our learnings from the program upon our return to our home countries.  Reflections  Lesson Plans  Strategies Back to content
  6. 6. This seminar, conducted by Dr. Shahroki and Dr. Woody, gave us the necessary tools to become teacher leaders and change agents in our settings.  Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan  Life Style Inventory  Teacher Leadership Self Assessment  Personal Leadership Action Plan Back to content
  7. 7. This seminar , conducted by Ms. Nora Elbilawi, gave us a deeper understanding of brain-compatible practices and differentiated teaching. We also explored the characteristics of authentic assessment in order to incorporate them into our practices.  Research on Brain Compatible Learning  Five – Day Lesson Plan  Assessment Observation Report  Assessment Design Project Back to content
  8. 8. This Seminar , conducted by Cara Bremer, helped us understand the idiosyncrasy of the USA and its people. Cara taught lively, interesting classes incorporating many of the principles of cooperative learning. We learned many of these techniques by actually taking part in them. Back to content
  9. 9.  One of the objectives of the Tea program is to provide intensive training in the use of Technology . Abel , our teacher, took us through the hard path of gaining expertise in the use of Word, Power Point and Excel with much patience and sense of humor. Back to content
  10. 10. The internship component of the  Teaching at Oakton High School program offered us a window to the US system. Twice a week I attended Oakton High School where I had the chance to observe Steve Glick , my mentor, teaching his English 10 and AP English class. I observed ESOL , Biology and Self – Contained English classes as well. I also had the chance to conduct a class about Argentina and assist Ms. Risso in her special Halloween class. Being engaged in the school’s daily activities and in special occasions such as the Pep Rally was an opportunity to learn more about teen ager in US , a knowledge that I am sure will be of interest to my students. Back to content
  11. 11.  Identify ways to differentiate instruction in a main streamed class with special education students  Identify new types of assessment for use in Argentina.  Explore and understand the structure of American high schools in order to practices to bring to Argentina. Back to content
  12. 12.  New Friends Back to content
  13. 13.  New Cultures Back to content
  14. 14.  As the program comes to an end I can say that all my goals have been achieved. I have gained theoretical and practical knowledge that I am taking back to share with my students and colleagues. What is more important I have lived an experience that I will always remember and I have made friends that I hope to keep for ever. Back to content