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Take the world with business english


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Des modules de formations, tout public, pour être certain que le message est bien transmis et compris sans ambiguïté, pour naviguer librement entre les idées et les images sans agitation ni bégaiement, pour vous concentrer sur l’important, pour rassembler les idées et éliminer tout fossés entre individus, pour concevoir et présenter l’information en utilisant une approche correcte, pour créer un lien plus fort entre les personnes, pour BOOSTER votre CONFIANCE en VOUS !

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Take the world with business english

  1. 1. WHY the need to master?  to ensure the real message is transmitted properly and fully understood  to move freely between ideas and pictures without agitation and stutter  to focus on what is truly important  to gather ideas in groups and to eliminate any gap between individuals  to design and present information using correct approach  to create a stronger link between individuals  to BOOST up one’s CONFIDENCE
  2. 2. Embedding Mind mapping and Prezi techniques as part of teaching and learning methods Objectives:  to focus fully on the context of the message  to focus on your audience  to focus on your goals  to achieve and maintain your audience interest  to relay your message across and fully understood by your targeted audience
  3. 3. At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:  Communicate effectively  Speak clearly, logically and fluently  Learn effective listening skills  Tailor and present your message to the audience  Embed the methods learned in real life and work place  Learn to understand corporate cultures from different regions to eliminate the gap
  4. 4. Business English Speed Business English Preparation for IELTS Independent User level B2 Proficient User level C1 WHAT IS THE CEFR?  A framework that can be used to describe language ability in a consistent and standard way regardless of language or location of instruction  An overarching aim is to increase transparency in language education
  5. 5. • Introduction  Where am I? Who are you?  Handling interviews  Understanding the Customer and the Organisation • Within the internal scope  Manage meetings, interviews, etc  Presentation  Coordinate • Within the external scope  International dealings  Sales and Marketing  Understanding corporate culture • Minimum 42 hours  38 hours learning sessions  4 hours exam sessions split in 2 separate timeframe
  6. 6. • maximum 12 participants • 42 hours in total  (14 days/3hours per day) • After work/evening session • Objective  Handling workplace scenarios, meetings, etc  enhance quality of communication between peers, internal and external organisation  Stretching leadership and organising qualities  Manage Conversation Table • maximum 14 participants • 60 hours in total  (4 hours per day) • Morning/afternoon session • Objective  Handling real-life scenarios  preparation for job-interviews, writing official letters, documents, etc  Manage Conversation table
  7. 7.  Thorough Assessment to determine the level of English of participant before training commence  Training preparation will ONLY commence according to the level of English of the participant  Hours of training is determined according to the current level of English of the participant What is IELTS?  International English Language Testing System
  8. 8. Academic IELTS exam - more advanced • generally used to determine whether candidates are qualified to enroll in undergraduate and graduate academic programs where English is the medium of instruction General IELTS exam - simpler • focuses on basic survival skills in social and educational contexts • generally requested for candidates applying for immigration, working in certain professions, or studying at a non-degree level