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Inventory System developed by CISS. Microsoft Access based - with Access or SQL Server back end database

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Inventory Pro Brochure

  1. 1. Inventory Pro The flexible, easy-to-use inventory system that keeps your business running smoothly. Inventory Pro functions by module: Inventory Purchasing • Locator system that allows you to name locations and use multiple warehouses • Purchase order entry for inventory item • Classification of products (models, assets or “one-time buy” items revisions, shades, etc.) • Inbound appointment scheduling • Locate and move, cycle counting • Suppliers’ catalog with alternate parts • Serial/lot number tracking cross reference • Insert pictures of your inventory items • Link or unlink purchasing to inventory • Fixed or open warehouse locations • Automatic generation of purchase orders • Cost and price per item • Fast browse all purchase orders (can- • Direct receiving and direct issuing celed, completed, outstanding, partially • Repair orders received) • Fast browse, search, and filter • Purchase order receiving • Set reorder levels, min and max levels Work Orders • Automatic monthly demand calculation in units, days, or months • Detailed work orders for kits and assem- • Bill of materials, kits, assemblies blies • Track A, B, C, D movers • Detailed work orders for assets • Automatically removes parts from Shipping/Order Processing inventory as work orders are completed • Order entry • Commits in-stock components when • Allows separate “bill to” and “ship to” order is entered addresses • Track all phases (requested, open, sched- • Archives units when shipped for tracking uled, started, completed, and canceled) purposes Assets • Commits inventory when order is entered • Asset management • Prints pick list, packing list, bill of lading, • Intangible asset usage (software license and invoice management) • Required shipping dates • Depreciation (define your own formulas) • Customer list • Asset tags and tracking • Shipping carriers list • Classification • Types of transportation • Insert pictures of your assets for easy • Prints a listing of all outstanding orders, identification completed orders, canceled orders, and • Warranty, serial number, and specifica- all orders that need to ship today tion tracking ...and more Computerized Inventory The smart way of keeping track. Systems Specialists, Ltd.
  2. 2. Easy to customize! Inventory Pro allows you to customize field names with a simple right click of your mouse. You can change our field names and software messages to match your indus- try terminology and even establish custom configurations. Each workstation can have its own unique configuration of Inventory Pro! Add-in Manager Use Inventory Pro’s add-in manager to create your own in-house customization of the system or contract with CISS or a third party to do the work for you. The data- base is a standard SQL-compliant relational database. Get dynamic reporting capability by sorting and filtering as needed to create the report you want. Generate all the reports you need! Inventory Pro includes a robust reporting system that al- lows you to query virtually every aspect of the system and to format the report as your needs dictate. Plus, data is orga- nized in a hierarchical tree format, which allows you to Security quickly browse an entire family of information. If you need System security in Inventory Pro allows you to share additional reports that are not available in our standard pack- information with customers, employees, and vendors age, no problem. We can customize them for you. while protecting the integrity of the data. You assign the Our reporting system includes: read, modify, insert, or delete privileges for each user or group all the way down to the field level. Local and re- • Each Inventory Pro report has many sorts and filters, mote users will only have access to the data you want allowing you to specify particular data within a reporting them to see. This built-in security allows the system to category. provide vendor managed inventory (VMI) and e-com- • Our database is Internet ready with html/ASP reporting merce solutions within Inventory Pro. features that show your data in real time on the world wide web. Accounting System Interfaces • You can preview each report on screen and then easily print only the pages you need. Inventory Pro has a standard integrated interface to • Analyze data or create your own reports, graphs, and/or Sage’s Business WorksTM accounting system. This inter- charts with Microsoft Excel® or other OLE-compliant face is sold separately and completes a total Enterprise applications. Resource Planning (ERP) solution. If you already have • Print reports and all documents on letterhead that is an accounting system, Inventory Pro can be custom- scanned into the system or add your logo to each report. ized to interface with it. The smart way of keeping track. For more information and to preview our software, visit us at 2901 Meadowbrook Circle South • Allentown, PA 18103 • Phone: (610) 435-4898 • Fax: (610) 776-8129 • e-mail: