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Introducing Bonsai


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Slides from presenting Bonsai at Melbourne Ruby. January

Published in: Technology, Sports
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Introducing Bonsai

  1. 1. {
  2. 2. #Markdown
  3. 3. Ϟ gem install bonsai
  4. 4. Ϟ gem install bonsai bonsai, tiny and beautiful type `bonsai --help` to get started Successfully installed bonsai-1.1.3 1 gem installed
  5. 5. Ϟ bonsai --help bonsai, tiny and beautiful -p, --plant [NAME] creates the directory structure for your site -c, --cultivate run a local web server and process your files on save -r, --repot export your site to /Users/ben/output -v, --version --console start an IRB console session giving you access to your bonsai environment
  6. 6. rsync -ave ssh ./output/