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Starry media for mm 2014.4.21


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Starry media for mm 2014.4.21

  1. 1. Local Merchants Gear up to embrace O2O trend : M-commerce Practice Brian Xin Founder & CEO StarryMedia 2014.4.21
  2. 2. • Local is the core of O2O – Consumer – Business • Mobile is the key entry – Mobile APP – Mobile Web – Mobile Social Media App Integration • Mobile payment is the trend – Pay online – Pay offline • End-to-end mobile solution – Merchant – Consumer M-commerce for local merchants
  3. 3. M-Commerce Loop – Offline 2 Online 2 Offline
  4. 4. Issues Merchant create and publish real-time deals Consumer don’t open the APP Consumer makes m-payment In-store validation technique
  5. 5. Web site Passbook 3rd party terminals Mobile App In-store validation
  6. 6. Validate E-card and physical card (CRM) Initialize in-store campaign Handle transaction Validation Smart digital terminal for merchants
  7. 7. Proximity marketing DEMO
  8. 8. NFC Scenario: 1.用户买单时,与POS系统近场感应; 2.用户感应后确认支付; QR Code scenario: 1.用户买单时pos系统可生成支付二维码; 2.用户扫描二维码完成支付; pos系统可生成支付二维码 用户拍码支付 进入手机支付页面 支付金额 与POS近场感应 Smart terminal – mobile payment
  9. 9. O2O Platform for merchants content Mobile Terminal for consumer Sensor for active engagement
  10. 10. Restaurants Cross-selling and up-selling 用户充值3000元 获得充值奖励 +20元南小馆优惠券 +3000分积分 +7折优惠券 优惠 南小馆20元优惠券验证使用 使用500积分兑换一杯果汁 兑 换 享受1次午餐7折优惠 后台销售数据及财务数据统计 To be deployed
  11. 11. Coffee shop with O2O capability
  12. 12. • Good content from merchant • End-to-end mobile solution – all on mobile • Hardware + Software solution M-commerce for local merchants – what we learned
  13. 13. 辛卫民 Brian Xin 13761746268 Thanks 谢谢