Navteq momo shanghai 21 Nov 2011


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presentation given by charles Yu, NAVTEQ Vice President Greater China, Sales and Business Development at mobilemonday shanghai on Nov 21st 2011 - talking about NN4D, Navteq Network for Developers and case studies using Navteq mobile maps and overlay apps

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Navteq momo shanghai 21 Nov 2011

  1. 1. Mobile Monday Shanghai, November 21, 2011 Charles Yu VP, Greater China Sales From Mapping to Mapping the Real World
  2. 2. Delivering Location Across … Continents Platforms Markets Empowering Location Opportunities
  3. 3. NAVTEQ Network for Developers™ (NN4D) 58,000+ members and growing Your business development partner, at no cost to you – ever Empowers location-based app developers through free business development, marketing and technical support Introduces you to NAVTEQ’s extensive network of commercial buyers, co-promotes your business, provides training opportunities and offers easy access to effective mobile advertising What Is NN4D?
  4. 4. Differentiation Where It Matters MostNN4D: Empowering Location Opportunities Resources to assist you in accessing high-value content and developing differentiated apps Support Programs to target the discovery and success of your apps NAVTEQ® App Warehouse to match you with commercial app buyers— at no cost to you Multiple Paths to new revenue streams (e.g., NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising)
  5. 5. A Powerful Tool App Differentiation NN4D empowers developers with the knowledge and resources needed to develop the hottest, most differentiated location- based products Mapping APIs and SDKs for mobile, Internet and desktop app development Free sample map, traffic and POI downloads, and the tutorials and sample code to use them Opportunity Differentiate apps with superior location content
  6. 6. Sample Map Data and Location Content Sample NAVTEQ content for your location app Incorporate one of the most robust and accurate geographic databases in the world into your app Gain access to map data samples available in multiple formats NAVTEQ map data is platform independent and built to a single worldwide specification for easier development and integration into global apps NAVTEQ® Map Data Opportunity
  7. 7. Technical Resources and Documentation Tech tools to help you create innovative location apps Access our dedicated team of technical consultants, plus a vast array of documentation Developer guides, tools, newsletters and white papers authored by NAVTEQ subject matter experts, NAVTEQ partners and NN4D developers Live, 24/7 tech support, plus developer forums and FAQs Unparalleled Support Opportunity
  8. 8. Third-Party Enablers and Services Partner services for advanced app development NN4D empowers developers by working with partners to identify and create technical enablers and services We identify the hottest location- based technologies and partner with third parties to create APIs, SDKs and other enablers for app development We provide technical partner services that streamline development and get apps to market faster Specialized Partnering Opportunity
  9. 9. POWERVR Insider By Imagination Technologies Access on Imagination’s website and NN4D Partner Zone Free to download and use 3D Mapping Enablers: SDKs Opportunity Enhance your apps with 3D content VisioDevKit By Visioglobe Access on NN4D Partner Zone Free 90-day evaluation license NaviGenie By Kishonti Informatics Access on Kishonti’s website Symbolic fee (€1) to download
  10. 10. Virtual Developer Lab: App Testing Accelerate time to market Easy-to-access platform Remote access to handsets in carrier networks Robust testing capabilities Opportunity
  11. 11. A sampling of partner institutions: NAVTEQ University Program Benefits Tools and knowledge for tomorrow’s tech leaders Empowers students, educators and institutions of higher learning by providing NAVTEQ® map data and location content in order to: Be a catalyst for innovation in location-enabled services Train the next generation of technology professionals Partnering/funding opportunities for the advancement of location technology research at the academic level Enabling the next generation of technology professionals Opportunity
  12. 12. NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising Benefits Empowers developers with hyper-local advertising New revenue opportunities—offset the cost of your app Improved competitiveness—can provide differentiating features and lower costs to the end user Sticky, high-value advertising— delivers targeted, relevant and actionable in-app ads to users Actionable and engaging ads— delivers powerful calls to action Quickly monetize your location apps Opportunity
  13. 13. NAVTEQ® App Warehouse Benefits Empowers developers with a free matchmaking service for app developers and commercial app buyers Backed by NN4D’s unparalleled free business development support Free access to NAVTEQ’s extensive commercial channels— get in front of bulk commercial app buyers Free marketing and PR support— NN4D partners with you to co- promote your products and services Access channel opportunities Opportunity
  14. 14. The Depth and Breadth That Matter to the User Whatever location content you need Kilometers of roads Navigable countries Expansive Product Portfolio Changes per day
  15. 15. Moving forward faster. More aggressive than ever. Where Others Are Finding the Way… Innovative Product Portfolio Exposure Technology Leadership GlobalTech Support BestMapfor Location Solutions Business Development Consistent Global Specification Proven Accuracy Robust Developer Tools Traffic Leadership We Lead.
  16. 16. Thank You