Momo Shanghai Sept 21 2009 Casee


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mobilemonday event on sept 21 on mobile advertising.
presenter: Xin Ye, CEO, Casee

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Momo Shanghai Sept 21 2009 Casee

  1. 1. CASEE/架势无线 Xin Ye CEO Sept. 21, 2009
  2. 2. CASEE Company CASEE is the leading mobile ad exchange and marketin service company in China where advertisers can buy ads and WAP site owners can sell traffic to generate revenue.  CASEE team has the best expertise in mobile service and applications, excellent mobile industry association, and best mobile advertising technology platform. Founded in March 2006, with about 60 employees in Beijing and Shanghai.  Key founders are Xin Ye, ex-CTO of Linktone and Sohu, Kaiyang Liu, founder of Hansky and Engineer@Marimba/Javasoft, Zhimin Yan, ex-director of Linktone.  We have been funded by investments from Baidu co-founder, Notherlight VC, and Velti, world’s leading mobile marketing company based in UK.  Velti has formed JV with IPG, world’s leading ad agency, it has provided mobile ad and markeing services for the world’s top brands and operators such as GM, PG, Intel and Vodafone 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  3. 3. CASEE Services Powerful ad management platform Advanced technologies in targeting and presentation to ensure mobile ads are relevant and get clicked. Keywords buy/sell market place system & reporting tools Ensure easy buy/sell process. Good ad report tools for advertisers and publishers. “Pay-per-call” advertising Allow companies with no WAP sites to advertise by filling in text, phone numbers and collecting customer emails. Let subscribers connect directly to their businesses. Mobile Site Construction Suite Tools for SME to easily setup their mobile storefront 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  4. 4. CASEE Service Platform Interface 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  5. 5. CASEE Mobile Network Update  Largest mobile ad network in China  Over 9,000 WAP publishers in 9 categories  Geographical, phone model and user behavior targeting  Daily ad impressions over 45 million  CTR about 0.4%, some as high as 6%  Most ads on CPA basis  Over 200 active ads running daily  Served over 300 clients including Kodak, Dell, MSN, Google, ToysR Us, Marks&Spencer, Kong, Sohu, Ucweb, Tom, NetQin banks and financial services 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  6. 6. Customer Study - MSN . 架势无线助力MSN手机版 畅快无线聊天随身行 • 公司介绍: - MSN是美国微软提供的即时通讯服务和信息服务应用,因为良好的易用 性和稳定性,已经逐渐成为主流商务沟通工具。现在平均每月有4亿用户访问 MSN网站;MSN Messenger 即时通讯服务在全球提供26种语言版本,其总用户 数量已经达到1.65亿。 • 推广背景: - MSN升级后,功能更加全面,使用更加方便,适用手机更加广泛。同时, 也非常看好中国蒸蒸日上的市场环境,希望在中国获得更多的用户。 • 推广目标: - 作为MSN PC版本的手机延伸,增加PC用户的粘性。 - 与飞信、QQ等手机IM应用竞争,争取手机用户 • 目标受众: - 年轻的商务人员; 22~35岁; 主要依赖msn和同事亲友进行商务沟通 - 活跃的网虫,需要随时随地的网络沟通,热衷接受新事务并且是潮流的引 领者 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  7. 7. Customer Study - Google . 通过WAP MINI SITE在线操作 经典病毒式营销手段 将WAP站点链接通过短信/WAP PUSH发送给好友 您的朋友张岩邀您共 From: HSBC Jobs 在线推荐 在线推荐 享Google积分抽奖大 RETAIL MANAGER, 行动!下载即可抽大 HSBC LONDON 奖,参与活动累积积 欢迎您将Google移动产品推 您的姓名 张岩 BRANCH. PLEASE 荐给好友! 分更可获多次抽奖机 VISIT HERE FOR 请输入您推荐的手机号 会。点击登陆 MORE INFO. 每推荐一位好友,您可获得机会 10个积分,如推荐好友成功 号码一 千万别错过! 下载,您将增或50积分! 号码二 积分多多,抽奖机会多多, 还不快行动! 号码三 推荐该网站 发送邀请 推荐Google手机搜索 推荐Google手机地图 推荐Google手机软件 中国领先的手机广告交易网络
  8. 8. Customer Study - English First . • 为英孚少儿英语课程免 费体验进行推广 • 通过SMS、EMAIL等方 式将目标受众引流到 WAP站点 • 在WAP站点注册预约免 费课程体验 • 已成功为英孚教育带来 课程购买用户 中国领先的手机广告交易网络